Spring Break 2008

Kacy had to go to West Virgina for a few days at the beginning of the week, but we were able to spend Thursday through Sunday at Corey, Jessica, and Colin's house in Hurricane, Utah. We had a great weekend swimming, playing, and getting to know "baby Colin" better. This is a picture of Mary, Colin, Brynn, and Lucy and Corey and Jessica's house.
Corey and Mary at the "red rock" park. Mary could not get enough of climbing and hiking around - Brynn was a little more cautious - she held Kacy's hand the entire time.

Mary and Brynn at the park they decided to name "red rock" (I don't know what it is really called, but the rocks are very red). Brynn insisted on wearing a dress (too small) and my sunglasses the entire time.

Kacy and Brynn climbing around "red rock". They had a great time despite the wind storms.

Brynn and "baby Colin". The girls loved holding and playing with Colin. One day Lucy said "There is a very cute baby under that blanket" when Colin was sleeping in his carseat. He is a very cute and fun baby.

Football Season Already?

Yes, I am officially a "blogger", so I thought I'd share with you our trip to BYU's spring scrimmage. The starbursts and licorice were the most exciting parts of the game for the girls, but they really loved getting the Y painted on their faces ahead of time!