Piano Recital, 2011

On March 20th, Mary and Brynn had their 2011 Piano Recital. It was a huge success. Mary performed "Dance of the Irish" and Brynn (it was her first recital) performed Halloween and Ode to Joy. Both of them did perfect! A big thank you do such a wondeful Piano teacher, Leah Rassmusen.

Brynn's Poem

In February, Brynn had to perform a poem for her class. She choose "Bad Hair Day" listed below. It was so cute. She performed it loud and clear and with a lot of emotion. It was darling, and I was so proud of her!

Brynn's Poem -- "Bad Hair Day" by Linda Knaus
I looked in the mirror with shock and with dread
to discover to antlers had grown from my head.
The kids in my class were complaining all day,
"We can't see the board with your horns in the way!"
The Teacher was cross, he asked, "What's your excuse?"
I said, "Well, I think I have used too much mousse."

Kelsey and Trevor Get Married!

February 19th, 2011 my darling cousin Kelsey was married to Trevor Slade. It was a great day, and we are so happy for this wonderful couple. Kelsey and Trevor are some of my kid's favorite people, they are a fun extenstion to our family, and we appreciate all they do to help us out. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple, and even though it was a very rainy day, it was wondeful!

The girls were SOOOO excited to be flower girls. A big thank you to Kelsey for including them in her big day.

And because of the festivities we got to have Grandma and Papa as well as Corey, Jess, Colin and Mason come stay with us, which is always fun!

Going Private!

So I don't know if anyone even reads this blog anymore but I am taking it private. I want to be able to post more and have it a little more secure. Let me know if you would like an invite. Either comment here (and i will delete your address off asap) or e-mail me. Even if I don't know you- as long as you are not some creep. =)Thanks.

5 Years Old!

I still can't believe my little girl is 5. I just was going through all the MANY baby clothes we have just getting rid of some, organizing etc.. 5 years of clothes for a girl can kill ya! =) I have WAY too many- let's hope I can use some of these clothes again when I finally get around to having another kid!

Onto my precious, crazy little Sienna. This girl keeps me on my toes, that's for sure. Things have been so busy lately and the only reason I'm posting now is because Sienna woke up with the flu. It was my turn to teach and we had to cancel last minute. (sorry moms!) But this little girl was born on Valentine's Day which is PERFECT for her. She loves that the whole world celebrates her birthday!;D Red, pink, the hearts, the valentines- it is a pretty fun day to have your birthday! (Except for the fact, it flew out the window as a holiday for me now!)

On her big day, we had heart pancakes and pink milk in honor of Valentines Day! She got a camera and princess Wii game from her cousins which she loves. We had lunch with grandma Karen and then off to the Disney store we went! She picked some Cinderella dress up shoes that light up and then wanted tennis shoes. So we went to Children's Place where she picked out the most sparkly bright shoes with peace signs! (she loves peace signs for some reason!)
It took everything in me to just let her pick and say "ok."

We went to dinner at her favorite place- In N' Out- and then came home and had cake and ice cream as a family with grandma and grandpa.

I dont have a pic but both her grandparents also got her a new Barbie bike that she LOVES!

We had a fun low-key day! We didn't do too much because we took the kids to Disneyland the next week! That post to come later...
Sienna LOVES: (for my memory)
music and singing (her fav is Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift)
playdates with her friends- she would have one all day, everyday if I let her
hanging out at grandma & grandpa's, with just her, so she gets ALL the attention
dance and school (everyday I get, "mom, what do I have today?")
In n' Out and Cafe Rio
seeing her cousins
riding her bike and motorized car
playng with Austin, which 99% of the time ends in a fight!
shopping (especially Target)
Sorry for this long post but I want to remember!