Dragons fall Soccer 2012

Mary had a great soccer season with the Dragons! They took 2nd place out of 14 teams! She LOVES Soccer, and is so lucky to be on such a great team with a great coach!


Brynn was a darling "can can" dancer!
Lucy was a "scary" witch!
And Kelsey...along with Irene...was a perfect Strawberry Shortcake! She loved telling everyone that she didn't even need a wig.

Lucy went trick or treating with her zombie friend Emma, and Brynn with her friend Abby.
For the first time, Mary went trick or treating with her friends, without any adult supervision!

Fun Stuff in October

We had a fun filled October, with one of the main events being a trip to St. George to see the Little Mermaid. We went with Aunt Katie and Peyton, and Lindsey and Lexie Downey. It was a really fun (even though it was quick) GIRLS trip! Shopping, dinner, the play, and then a sleep over at Aunt Jessica's. It was a fun weekend, and the Little Mermaid was AWESOME!

The Girls also did Reflections this year. The Theme was "Diversity Is..." They both did a photography collage, and did great. Mary even won a Honorable Mention certificate.

And of course, a favorite around here...CRAZY HAIR DAY!!!

Kelsey's First Day of Pre-School

Kelsey is going to Mrs. Amber's Pre-School this year, and she LOVES it!