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Before I had Sienna I liked pop but didn't have to have it- well after two kids it is my favorite! One of my favorite drinks is Diet Coke and especially Diet Coke from Sonic with VANILLA in it.
Austin (and Sienna) have the same problem and want a drink when they see a cup with a straw in it. (I am talking throw a tantrum and scream if they don't get even a sip-drives me CRAZY!!)

What can I say- they come from a long line of pop addicts.(for instance- both grandmas??)
When you ask Sienna what she wants to drink you get the response "diet." I used to be able to trick her but now she KNOWS when it is not her diet!
OK So call me a bad mom- i know! It's not like they get it ALL the time but I just couldn't pass up Austin's excitement when he got a hold of my cup!

In other news, we put Austin's hair in a little mohawk tonight. It just fits his little crazy personality. He is such a boy and I love every thing about my little munchkin!! Every time I get the camera out now he makes his dorky face like above and says "cheeeeeeeeeeese." It just makes me laugh! I love watching him and Sienna play together. Sienna was much busier than Austin BUT I think a lot of it is that he has Sienna to play with, and we have so many more toys than we had for Sienna. We recently got a pad of concrete put in our backyard and those two are out there ALL day long most days in the playhouse or sandbox.

Sienna has had a flu for about a week, but I think she is FINALLY over it. She went with Aaron to the Daddy Daughter and loved every minute of it! That is until she woke up in the morning and threw up! We thought she was better but I guess not.
That girl has some crazy stomach issues. None of us got it so I don't know WHAT it was but she throws up WAY too much for how old she is. Poor thing gets the flu every couple months and it lasts for DAYS!!

Anyways I just wanted to write a little update/ story for my own memory sake!

Spring Break in St. George

For Spring Break last week we went down to Southern Utah to visit Corey, Jessica, and little Colin. We had a great visit, and a lot of fun - Thanks Corey and Jessica!

Colin, Lucy, and Kelsey in the tub. Colin is so cute, and very energetic...my girls LOVED playing with him!
A rare family picture! This is us at the Brigham Young house tour...it was a rainy day, but the tour was very interesting.
Mary and Brynn at the Fiesta Family Fun Center...one of our rainy day activities.
A beautiful day at Red Rock! My girls LOVE to go to this park and hike around, they have so much fun.

Easter Sunday

Austin's dorky face he makes while saying "cheese"
This is what Sienna does when I tell her to smile! Some days this girl drives me CRAZY...

So I had these high hopes of FINALLY getting a cute picture of my kids LOOKING at the camera in their cute easter outfits! It didn't happen AS USUAL! My dad was cracking up saying he feels like he is in the past with me and Jared! We were running late for church (9 am church does not work for me when it is really 8 am Vegas time!) and so I took like 2 pics and gave up! Oh well- here is what I have to remember! HAHA- I guess this is what kids are really like anyways right??

Easter Egg Hunt

( click on collage to make larger)

This year I was up in Utah for Easter. My cousin Brooke was getting married and my mother in law could drive halfway with me and the kids so we went on Saturday! Every year for as long as I can remember my aunt Laurie has an easter egg hunt. This year it was at my Grandmas house! The little kids are dwindling down to pretty much Garrett, Victoria and my kids! Luckily next year we can add Jared & Jaylene's baby into the mix!! (yay for a cousin on my side finally!!) Sienna absolutely loved the egg hunt! Austin just sat down the first chance he had to start chowing down! Good times and fun with the Callister family! That's always entertainment in itself!
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Coloring Easter Eggs

Before Easter we did the great tradition of coloring eggs. Sienna was finally old enough to attempt to do it and was so excited! Austin thought the eggs were balls and cried the whole time because he wanted to hold them and throw it! (He is such a boy in every way!!) Sienna loved her eggs and finished them all the next day. She even took one to the park and carried it all over like it was her baby or something. I love any holiday and especially now that Sienna is getting old enough to get excited as well.

Happy Birthday Mom!

I couldn't have asked for a better mom! You truly are one of my best friends and you are the best grandma to my kiddies! I hope I look as good as you when I am your age! (haha- who does that sound like!?!) BUT Really I do!! We hope you had a fabulous day even though I talked to you like 5 times today already!=) We are SO sad we weren' there, but we will be sure to have a rockin "grandma party" for you when you get here!! Thanks for everything you do for me and helping me get through this insanity we call motherhood! (Now if you could just move back HOME!!) We love you!!
(My mom's name is really not Berthie- I just call her that!)
My mom asked Sienna if she could have a princess party like her and she said only little girls do that so she can have a grandma party! haha!!

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter. The girls were so cute finding their baskets. Then we went to church, and ended the day with a great dinner and Easter Egg hunt with the Kilpatrick cousins.

Lucy showing off her Easter dress. She picked it out, and she LOVES it!
Brynn and Peyton on the hunt.
Marlee and Mary
Kelsey loved playing with the eggs.
All the cousins! Can you believe we got this good of a picture with this many kids?!?

The Rambling of a Mom....

WARNING: This is a long and boring post about my kids so only read on if you wish...

SO I have been really slacking on blogging about what we have been doing! Not too much has happened around here, but because I plan to make this into a book I don't want to miss any moments looking back!

Sienna got her first "real" haircut by Katie! She cut the back to her shoulders so it can all be even and not such a mullet anymore! Good thing for those curly curls or it would of happened a LONG time ago! Sienna was a little shy at first even though she LOVES Katie, but talked about her "gorgeous hair" the rest of the day! haha! I just love my Sienna so much! Thanks Kate for the haircut!

We have gone to the park lots with our friends and especially on "Thursday Park Day"! (Thanks Kinsey for setting it up!) If you would like to come with us, send me your e-mail and we will add ya to the list! Last week we went to Town Square and it was SO nice out! I have decided two kids walking gives me a little anxiety at the park. Trying to keep track of both of them, especially Austin, really gives me anxiety at times when it is crowded!! Maybe when they are older it won't be so bad. It was fun for the kids and especially for us moms!

My kids are constantly out in the backyard playing in the turtle and playhouse! Austin crawls out my doggy door EVERYTIME I don't have it closed now. I have to shut the stupid thing to keep him from going out! When I forget he runs over and is out before I know it! He thinks he is so funny and screams and screams when I make him come inside. He is SUCH a boy! Climbs on everything, throws sand and rocks,(anything for that matter)eats rocks, and is obsessed with any kind of ball. I love my little man so much and love to watch his personality start to show! (Even if does scream like a girl when he doesn't get what he wants.. wonder where he learned that??)

Maybe one day I can get a normal pic of my kids looking??? Just maybe...

So I know this post is forever long but these pictures make me laugh or there cute...

Sienna and her great grandma Cleo. Sienna adores Cleo and loves when she gets to see her.

A typical night- Sienna as a princess and Austin getting his breathing treatment

All day long these two fight over the car and smash in their together to ride around until the other gets mad

One day Sienna got put in the "corner" and Austin went and put himself there too!

Austin loves to dress in Siennas things. I think it is hilarious and I believe he secretly does it to bug his sister!!

Anyways sorry this is so long and if you made it through all that- wow!
This is just what has been going on around here. A whole lot of nothing, but I want to remember the little things when my kids are grown. If you haven't ever heard the song "You're Gonna MIss This" by Trace Adkins go listen to it! Whenever I call my mom and am just frazzled to no end she tells me "just remember, you're going to miss this!" I always tell her that "I am NOT going to miss this!!" BUT I know before I know it my kids will be older and won't want to cling to my leg all day crying for me to hold them at the same time! So I am TRYING to enjoy every moment! I never knew being a mom was such hard work! But at the end of the day I love my kids more than anything and wouldn't trade them for the world!!


So I am a few weeks late posting this but I just wanted to post that Aaron and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary! I know in the grand scheme of things it doesn't seem very long, but I think it has been the most eventful 5 years of my life! Getting married, adjusting, buying our house, having TWO kids, having to rely on each other through the ups and down, having to worry about money,learning to be parents etc.. etc! I truly wouldn't want it any other way! I love Aaron so much and am so grateful for all his hard work to provide for us, so I can stay at home! I don't tell him thank you enough. That is A LOT to happen in 5 years! He is such a great husband and father to our kids! Here's to an eternity together..

For our anniversary we actually got a babysitter (thank Alli!) and went to eat at Texas de Brazil! Being that I am a mom now, it was SO nice to have dinner somewhere fancy, delicious and kid free!

Kelsey is 9 months old...Today!

Rub your eyes again, they are not deceiving you...I am actually updating my blog. Today is this little sweetie's 9 Month Birthday!! I can't believe she is already that old. She is kind of high maintenance, but she is very sweet, very cute, and we would not trade her for anything...even a baby who actually sleeps. We LOVE our little bubbles!!

Isn't she so cute? This picture was taken by my friend Angie Clayson when she was six months old, but she really doesn't look much different, except she's gotten a little more hair. Everyone loves her red hair, and we constantly get asked "Where did that red hair come from?" Kelsey is a great eater! She started out my biggest baby and had kept the title! She has figured out her "pincer" and loves to eat dry cereal, crackers etc. She also loves all of her baby food.

Like I said she is a great eater, and although she looks bigger than Lucy in this picture, she isn't...yet.
I had to capture the rare moment of her sleeping, because she just looked SO sweet!
Kelsey has learned to crawl, and is constantly finding fun things around the house that aren't actual "toys", and if it is smaller that her hand it is immediately in her mouth!