The Rambling of a Mom....

WARNING: This is a long and boring post about my kids so only read on if you wish...

SO I have been really slacking on blogging about what we have been doing! Not too much has happened around here, but because I plan to make this into a book I don't want to miss any moments looking back!

Sienna got her first "real" haircut by Katie! She cut the back to her shoulders so it can all be even and not such a mullet anymore! Good thing for those curly curls or it would of happened a LONG time ago! Sienna was a little shy at first even though she LOVES Katie, but talked about her "gorgeous hair" the rest of the day! haha! I just love my Sienna so much! Thanks Kate for the haircut!

We have gone to the park lots with our friends and especially on "Thursday Park Day"! (Thanks Kinsey for setting it up!) If you would like to come with us, send me your e-mail and we will add ya to the list! Last week we went to Town Square and it was SO nice out! I have decided two kids walking gives me a little anxiety at the park. Trying to keep track of both of them, especially Austin, really gives me anxiety at times when it is crowded!! Maybe when they are older it won't be so bad. It was fun for the kids and especially for us moms!

My kids are constantly out in the backyard playing in the turtle and playhouse! Austin crawls out my doggy door EVERYTIME I don't have it closed now. I have to shut the stupid thing to keep him from going out! When I forget he runs over and is out before I know it! He thinks he is so funny and screams and screams when I make him come inside. He is SUCH a boy! Climbs on everything, throws sand and rocks,(anything for that matter)eats rocks, and is obsessed with any kind of ball. I love my little man so much and love to watch his personality start to show! (Even if does scream like a girl when he doesn't get what he wants.. wonder where he learned that??)

Maybe one day I can get a normal pic of my kids looking??? Just maybe...

So I know this post is forever long but these pictures make me laugh or there cute...

Sienna and her great grandma Cleo. Sienna adores Cleo and loves when she gets to see her.

A typical night- Sienna as a princess and Austin getting his breathing treatment

All day long these two fight over the car and smash in their together to ride around until the other gets mad

One day Sienna got put in the "corner" and Austin went and put himself there too!

Austin loves to dress in Siennas things. I think it is hilarious and I believe he secretly does it to bug his sister!!

Anyways sorry this is so long and if you made it through all that- wow!
This is just what has been going on around here. A whole lot of nothing, but I want to remember the little things when my kids are grown. If you haven't ever heard the song "You're Gonna MIss This" by Trace Adkins go listen to it! Whenever I call my mom and am just frazzled to no end she tells me "just remember, you're going to miss this!" I always tell her that "I am NOT going to miss this!!" BUT I know before I know it my kids will be older and won't want to cling to my leg all day crying for me to hold them at the same time! So I am TRYING to enjoy every moment! I never knew being a mom was such hard work! But at the end of the day I love my kids more than anything and wouldn't trade them for the world!!