Kelsey's First Haircutt

Last week cousin Irene came over and cut all of the girl's hair, however this was Kelsey's first haircutt..ever! She actually did pretty well, and she looks so grown up with her bangs. We all think she is so cute! Thanks to Irene for some great haircutts!

Lucy Turns 5!

Because we were going to be in St. George on Lucy's real birthday, and that cousin Peyton was leaving for Michigan, we celebrated Lucy's birthday on Tuesday, July 11th. Lucy's party was going to the "Salon" and getting her hair styled and make-up done. She invited Emma and Peyton, and her sisters. Then we went to Shave Ice. It was a pretty easy party for mom! That night the Kilpatrick's came over for cake and presents. I think Lucy has a pretty fun day. Then on her real birthday in St. George she got more presents, a fun day of swimming, and carrot cake! What a lucky girl. But we are lucky too to have sweet little crazy Lucy in our family. Lucy getting her make-up done.
Lucy thought she looked like Taylor Swift when she was done.
All the beautiful girls!
Enjoying some shave ice...the workers at the Shave Ice place even sang to Lucy.

Lucy wanted a strawberry cake, so here it is.

Lucy scored on her birthday...a couple good movies, a couple barbies, and couple good twirly dresses...what more could Lucy ask for?

Here is Lucy on her real birthday in St. George...we had a great trip and Lucy basically got two birthdays!

One Week...Two New Nephews

On Tuesday, July 6th Edward Kristopher (or Eddie) was born to Kori and Dave. Her due date was not until the 15th, but he must have been excited to come. On Friday, July 9th Mason Scott was born to Corey and Jessica. Her due date was not until the 13th, but he must have wanted to give his dad a birthday present (he was born on Corey's birthday). We were so excited to get two new nephews in one week - one on each side of the family!

Grandma holding Eddie
Mary holding Eddie.

Mason Scott The girls holding little Mason. We were so lucky to be able to go to St. George and see Uncle Robert and new cousin Mason. We got to see Mason on his one week birthday. Sadly I forgot my camera on that trip, but it was really great to see Robert after two years.

Kelsey Turns 2!/4th of July

On July 5th our little Kelsey turned 2! I can't believe she is a full blown toddler...I still call her 'baby' all the time. She is wild, but lots of fun! Since the 4th was on a Sunday, Utah celebrated the 4th on Monday, and Kelsey's birthday became a birthday/4th of July celebration! Kelsey woke up to a sign and presents that her sisters had made for her.
She loved putting on the "lips" that she gotAnd here she is playing with the matchbox cars she got. We went outside to see the flag and here is sweet little Kelsey holding still for one second to smell a flower that Lucy picked off our plants
She was also very excited about the Barbie movie she got

Later the Kilpatrick family came over for dinner, cake, presents, and a few fire works.

She enjoyed her her tutu.
She is very excited about the truck she got from cousins.

Here Kelsey and Blake are watching the few fireworks we did.

Here are the cute cousins witht the awesome glow in the dark flags Katie got them. By the looks of Kelsey she certainly had a fun day!