One Week...Two New Nephews

On Tuesday, July 6th Edward Kristopher (or Eddie) was born to Kori and Dave. Her due date was not until the 15th, but he must have been excited to come. On Friday, July 9th Mason Scott was born to Corey and Jessica. Her due date was not until the 13th, but he must have wanted to give his dad a birthday present (he was born on Corey's birthday). We were so excited to get two new nephews in one week - one on each side of the family!

Grandma holding Eddie
Mary holding Eddie.

Mason Scott The girls holding little Mason. We were so lucky to be able to go to St. George and see Uncle Robert and new cousin Mason. We got to see Mason on his one week birthday. Sadly I forgot my camera on that trip, but it was really great to see Robert after two years.