Spring Break 2011 - St. George!

This year on our annual Spring Break trip to St. George, we went to this darling park by the Tabernacle and played in the little "river" there. The kids had so much fun, and in all our trips to St. George, something we hadn't done before. The girls love playing with their little cousins Colin and Mason!
Trying to get Kelsey to take a nap in the car...not working!

Our annual hike around "Red Rock", this is the first year Kelsey did it on foot and she LOVED it! She talked about going back to "Red Rock" for days afterward.
We took a tour of the Tabernacle, and Colin even played the organ for us :)!

Our Heritage Trip

For Mary's 4th grade County Report, she randomly chose Davis County. I thought this would be a great opportunity to show Mary some of her Whiteside's Heritage, and visit Layton. She ended up doing a whole section in her report called "My Connection to Davis County". Here are some of the places visited.
Mary in front of "Gram and Pa's" house. This is the house that Grandma Lucy grew up in. I remember playing there as a child. I remember it being SO much bigger!
We also visited the Layton Cemetery to see the graves of Gram and Pa, Mary (my aunt who died at 16), and my twin cousins who died in infancy. This is Mary in front of Mary's grave. This Elementary school is named after my Grandma Lucy's family, and is on some of the family property.
This is us with my Aunt June (Grandma Lucy's sister), who was our tour guide all over Layton. She then fed us banana bread! It was a really great visit.

Then we headed up to Logan for Cousin Whitney's wedding, and during a little down time we went and found the house that Papa Bob grew up in, as well as his Elementary School which was just a couple blocks away.

2nd Grade Fine Art Program

The 2nd Grade had a Fine Arts Program in March. Brynn's class sang a few songs and recited a couple poems. Brynn did a great job!

Kindy 500

In March, Lucy's Kindergarten had their annual "Kindy 500". They each make cars, and then "drive" around to different national symbols. They also sing some patriotic songs, and are completely adorable doing it.