Halloween Fun

Last Saturday we went to the ward I grew up ins Halloween Party. This is quite the event with lots of candy, bounce houses, a haunted house, and some yummy food! It was a lot of fun and we had lots of friends there so we had a blast! Sienna loved every second of trick-or-treating and hasn't stopped climbing on the counter to eat some all week!! (I can't get mad at her- it keeps sitting there taunting me too!)

Austin & Carson- best friends already!

Austin ready to get some candy!

Maybe one day I can get both kids to look?? Prob not but let's hope!

Hanging out with one of my best friends, Katie Jane

This is for Amanda since she couldn't be there due to Sophie's birth! Congrats Amanda- love ya! Your girls looked darling!

Me, Kate, & Whit with our little kiddies!

Grayson- this one is for Kinsey because she hasn't joined the blogging band wagon YET!

That Poor Lady...

That is what people were thinking about me today at the grocery store as I was trying to get to the front of the store and BOTH kids are screaming at the top of their lungs. I was at the doctors for 1 1/2 hrs and about to kill myself and thought to myself "I will just run in real quick even though I know both kids have about had it" BIG MISTAKE! I can't even tell you how many looks, laughs and "I'm sorry's" I got! I can not handle 2-almost 3 yr olds anymore!!! That's all I have to say and the STUPID DORKY Princess, Dora, Winnie the Pooh CRAP they have all over the store so your kid who needs a nap can throw a tantrum over because they are not getting it! THE END

Deer Hunt 2008!

Every year Aarons family all gets together and goes to stay at the cabin for deer hunt in October! Aaron just wanted to stay home this year and chill, but I made us pack on up and head up to Beaver after much persuasion! I love Aaron's family and we have so much fun! The men all go out hunting morning and night, the girls hang out talking, watching movies, watch the kids, do whatever we want and eat some way yummy food! This year we had a lot of fun and Sienna loved every second with her cousins. She woke up at 6 vegas time the morning we got there and stayed up til 10 pm with no nap in between! Even though Aaron and I and BOTH kids have to smash into a full size bed because our kids refuse to sleep in their own beds at wierd places- it was worth it! Even though every time we go there we say we are never going back because of our lack of sleep;I know we will be back this summer!

All the new babies born this year! All best friends already!

All the cousins! We don't even care if they look just as long as we get a picture!


Papa Bruce & Austin

Whitter Bug (whitley)


The kids jsut out playing in the little snow patch

My crazy lady

9 months old!!!

Today my little bug turns 9 months old! I know every mother says it but I feel like time is flying by! I feel like Austin's first year is going by 5 x faster than Sienna! I guess with each child you get busier and so does the time! I never knew I could love someone SO much! Austin is getting so big lately! Some things for my joournal are:
*LOVES any and every food out there! sees it and starts waving his arms and yelling
*crawls EVERYWHERE and is starting to pull up onto things
*can pick up all his own food even if it is tiny pieces
*loves to give kisses and kisses on command now
*loves his sister and laughs hysterically at her (also loves to pull her hair)
*has one little toothie
*loves to crawl after a ball around the house( i swear boys are just born with a love for sports)
*waves back hi and bye on occasion when you wave to him
* is so chill and really just entertains himself
*loves his tongue and always sticks it out
Basically Austin is NOTHING like his sister! He really is very calm and only cries when he gets hurt or is hungry and/or tired! I just lay him in is bed and he just goes right to sleep. HEAVEN!
I love you Austin and can't imagine life without you! The Lord knew I couldn't handle another crazy kid and so he sent me you, my little angel baby!! Now off I go to get Sienna- she's being way too quiet for her own good! As I just yelled her name she yells back "Your daughter is up here mom!" As in upstairs getting into who knows what!


So we won't go into the details but Aaron got a Wii for his Christmas and has opened it early to play. I was just beyond thrilled with his purchase. ha! It is really fun though once he made me play! Anyways- Sienna loves to do anything and everything her daddy does and tonight was no different! While he was playing Mario Kart she had the extra steering wheel out too and was getting all into it as Aaron races like she is playing too. As she is steering she is saying "freakin game!!"over and over. I couldn't help but take a picture of her in action!

Pumpkin Patch '08

A couple weekends ago we went to the Gilcrease Orchard with the Vickers-who knew you could grow veggies and fruit here in Vegas?? I told Aaron I wanted a garden of my own and he laughed at me telling me I could never do it! Let's be honest- he's right! Sienna would trash it anyways! If you haven't been go check it out! Sienna got to pick out her own pumpkin and they have the best apple cider EVER!! As for trying to get both my kids to look at the same time- IMPOSSIBLE! Oh well- it was still fun!

I LoVe YoU!

Although at the end of the day I am exhausted from taking care of these little kiddies I wouldn't trade it for the world! I will take being poor if it means I get to stay at home and love my kids! One day before I know it they will be grown, and so for now I will enjoy the precious moments I get with them! Thanks Aaron for being such a hard worker and allowing me to be able to stay at home with them!
I know this is a late post, but hey, that's me. We went to visit Kacy's family on the farm in Idaho over confrence weekend. We had such a nice time. Thank you to the Woodward family for always making us feel so at home! Lot's of cousins at baby Joshua's blessing.
The highlight of the weekend was baby Joshua being blessed.

This is Kelsey and Kacy's cousin Angie's baby Lindon. They are only 10 days apart!

Riding horses at Aunt Greta and Uncle Van's - this was a highlight too!

My Little Lady

I just wanted to document some funny stories about Sienna so feel free to read on only if you would like! One day I will forget it if I don't write it now!

A couple mornings ago Sienna was downstairs while I was getting Austin bathed and down for his morning nap. I just kept saying "Sienna, what are you doing? Get up here!" To which I would get the response "I can't! I am eating some ice cream!" I had no idea what she was talking about and continued on with cleaning up etc.. After a while I go downstairs and find her looking like this. Aaron and I had gone to TCBY the night before and I had left mine in the freezer. It was pretty full too! She had gotten it out and finished it off! What a healthy breakfast! Her eggs sat on the table untouched. Oh well! I just love this little girl.

Sienna always plays in the DVDS and puts them on or takes them all out of the cases. (Drives me crazy when there all over my floor every day!) ANYWAYS- this particular morning she said to me "Mom, I need to work out!" I look over and she has turned on a work out video and is on the ground attempting to do crunches with her legs in the air like the lady on the video. I was laughing so hard. I needed a video camera but we need a new tape! Oh she just makes me laugh each and every day. After her attempted workout she said "Now I am all sweaty mom!" Whatever you say my crazy....

Sienna also likes to talk to Aaron on the phone when I am done talking to him and repeat back everything I just asked him or told him. It can be quite comical at times and I am sure Aaron LOVES to hear it twice.

Last night while I was making dinner Sienna was yacking away to me. (I have no idea where she gets that-ha!) Austin started screaming about something and she gets in his face and says "Austin, you don't yell when mommy and me are talking!" I am just glad she understands what Aaron always says when we are talking to each other. Now if she would just follow the rule herself!

Sienna just being Sienna!