9 months old!!!

Today my little bug turns 9 months old! I know every mother says it but I feel like time is flying by! I feel like Austin's first year is going by 5 x faster than Sienna! I guess with each child you get busier and so does the time! I never knew I could love someone SO much! Austin is getting so big lately! Some things for my joournal are:
*LOVES any and every food out there! sees it and starts waving his arms and yelling
*crawls EVERYWHERE and is starting to pull up onto things
*can pick up all his own food even if it is tiny pieces
*loves to give kisses and kisses on command now
*loves his sister and laughs hysterically at her (also loves to pull her hair)
*has one little toothie
*loves to crawl after a ball around the house( i swear boys are just born with a love for sports)
*waves back hi and bye on occasion when you wave to him
* is so chill and really just entertains himself
*loves his tongue and always sticks it out
Basically Austin is NOTHING like his sister! He really is very calm and only cries when he gets hurt or is hungry and/or tired! I just lay him in is bed and he just goes right to sleep. HEAVEN!
I love you Austin and can't imagine life without you! The Lord knew I couldn't handle another crazy kid and so he sent me you, my little angel baby!! Now off I go to get Sienna- she's being way too quiet for her own good! As I just yelled her name she yells back "Your daughter is up here mom!" As in upstairs getting into who knows what!