Deer Hunt 2008!

Every year Aarons family all gets together and goes to stay at the cabin for deer hunt in October! Aaron just wanted to stay home this year and chill, but I made us pack on up and head up to Beaver after much persuasion! I love Aaron's family and we have so much fun! The men all go out hunting morning and night, the girls hang out talking, watching movies, watch the kids, do whatever we want and eat some way yummy food! This year we had a lot of fun and Sienna loved every second with her cousins. She woke up at 6 vegas time the morning we got there and stayed up til 10 pm with no nap in between! Even though Aaron and I and BOTH kids have to smash into a full size bed because our kids refuse to sleep in their own beds at wierd places- it was worth it! Even though every time we go there we say we are never going back because of our lack of sleep;I know we will be back this summer!

All the new babies born this year! All best friends already!

All the cousins! We don't even care if they look just as long as we get a picture!


Papa Bruce & Austin

Whitter Bug (whitley)


The kids jsut out playing in the little snow patch

My crazy lady