Just An Update

Another long day of Sienna with no nap and screaming bloody murder. I put her in her room with her blanket and she was asleep in about 30 seconds...ahh peace and quiet. Even if it is 5 pm, there was no way I could handle her tantrums much longer. I guess she will be up with me until I go to bed but oh well! I had to take a picture of her sweet little bratty face! =) haha-

It's a good thing she's so dang cute!! Even when she picks out her own jammies in size 12 months and dresses herself!

As for Austin, he is just the best baby on earth. I can just lay him in his crib without even a binky in and he just crashes and is so calm even compared to Sienna at the same age. He is now 8 months and gets around pretty well. He is not completely crawling but he gets a few crawls in and then falls. He LOVES food still and loves to make the dorkiest faces. He gets about 100 kisses a day atleast.

Like I said- dorky face and loving his cheeto!

As all moms can relate- I love these two more than anything in the world! I can;t imagine life without my crazy lady and Austin man!

Kelsey is Blessed!

I know I haven't posted in forever, but I was without a computer for almost three weeks.

Here are pictures from Kelsey's blessing on September 14th. It was a very nice day, and we were so grateful that all of our family could be there.


Please tell me I am not alone! I love my children more than life itself but sometimes Sienna drives me absolutely positively insane! She is just so busy I can not keep up with her.
Tonight has been worse than normal while Aaron was at school-
Tonight I went to Target to get some things I needed for my joint activity and Sienna kept running away from me. Most kids would sit in the cart right? Well not Sienna. I tried putting her in and she screamed at the top of her lungs for 10 minutes telling me she needed out and then trying to climb out. I was trying to ignore the stares from people, but I could only take so much so I let her out. She has to look at everything and say how adorable it is. (Not so cute in my current mood)
She also said she needed to go potty when we were in the back of the store. (I know you moms out there know how annoying this is all by itself!!) So I got the bare neccessities and home we went!!

Then I was nursing Austin in his room and she was jumping in his crib. Sienna jumps in Austin's crib on a nightly basis. It keeps her contained because she can climb in but not out. So I am feeding Austin and she starts peeing in his crib!! She has been SO good about accidents and has NEVER done that!! She laughed while doing this too.

So we get that all cleaned up and Austin to sleep. She starts blowing in her straw making a whistling noise with it upsatirs next to his room. I could have killed her!
We come downstairs to get her away from his room and her ready for bed. She tells me she is hungry for the 15th time tonight, opens the fridge (after I told her not to) and the eggs come crashing down cracking all over the floor I just mopped last night!!

Oh I am just a burst of joy right now I tell ya. I just had to vent!! Now she is whining to me telling me she NEEDS DORA on. I even told her to shut up a few times tonight when she was whining to me. I am such a mature example huh?? Well I am going to go crawl in my bed and continue on with my "Breaking Dawn." Good NIGHT!! I pray tomorrow goes better than today.

Look who's rockin on their knees...

Little Austin Boston is rocking on his hands and knees now! Life as I know it is about to change! Sienna will be teaching Austin all sorts of tricks and I will be chasing the two of them around now! Help..

I still just love them to death even if they do drive me to insanity on a daily basis! I wouldn't trade it for the world!