I hate you Mr. Tow Truck!

Let me begin my story with some facts.
We live on the corner house in our neighborhood.
We have a 1 car garage (if you can call it that) which neither of our cars fit in so it is a storage area.
I used to park on the driveway, Aaron on the street in front of our house.
A while back they went through and red zoned all the corners in our neighborhood so we could no longer park in front of our OWN house. (yea we weren't bitter or anything- who the heck approved that?!?!)
So Aaron parks on the side of our house, my Yukon in the driveway.

So you get the facts- now onto my story!
So last Friday night I went to St. George to my nephews little birthday party and got home at about 9 or so. Aaron was in the driveway so I parked on the side of our house. I just pulled up and didn't think much of it.

Well about noon on Saturday we go outside to run some errands to find my car gone. Well in our ghetto neighborhood it was either stolen or towed because maybe I was in the red?? I don't remember. It was late, I was tired, kids had had it, I had had it! (you get the point!)

So Aaron calls the STUPID towing company and they of course have my car! (Seriously people- towed out of my OWN yard!!) Oh but it gets better. In order to get it out we have to pay them $279.75 CASH and nothing else. If we wait, there is a $40 a day storage fee. So there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. Aaron had to go down there and pay the stupid towing company almost $300 to get my car out! He said there was bullet proof glass and bars on the window to go up and get your car. (I wonder why..) I was about to pull out a gun on these people myself!

So while down there Aaron runs into a girl who is getting her car from our neighborhood as well, and our neighbor across the street got towed 2 weeks ago.

I was maybe a foot into the red- that is it! Is that hurting anyone? NO! So yea I got towed in front of my own house and had to spend what little extra cash we had saved up to go do something fun with! There goes our anniversary and probably my birthday!

I just had to tell this story because it just needs to be known- don't even put an inch of your car in the red zone at our house OR you will PAY up!!

Last night while driving Sienna says to Aaron "Did the tow guys put that writing on our window?" (referencing their info on my windshield)
Aaron: "Yep"
Sienna: "Should we sock them in the face?"
Aaron & me: "yes we should!"

So yea, I am quite upset about the whole thing but what do you do? Just vent about it on your blog I guess! And beware of people out to tow your car in front of your own house!


So last week my mom called and said "Don't you want to come see us?" Well I thought about it and decided to go the next morning up to good old Springville, UT! (I really would move there in a second if it were possible!) Aaron really didn't want us to leave him, but I told him it would be quick and I could see Jeremy wrestle and Sienna can play in the snow! I won't have another chance to go up there for quite awhile so off we went! I drove with my two kids BY MYSELF for 6 hours! I am insane, I know! The DVD players Aaron got me for Christmas worked MIRACLES and there was minimal fussing! We even got to stop by real quick and see Granny LaRayne at school! It was great to see my family and see Jeremy wrestling. That sport still grosses me out but oh well!

The kids with Grandma & Grandpa Callister at the wrestling match.

Sienna peed in her pants while taking a nap and I didn't have extra pants for her, so we had to stop by a K-Mart and get her a new outfit before Jeremy's wrestling match! A couple days later we were going shopping up in Salt Lake and she puked all over the place right as we got there! Luckily I had an outfit for her, but it got all over my car, carseat etc..! Afterwards she insisted we go into Tai Pan because she wasn't sick anymore. The love of shopping is in her genes! After her puking all over in IKEA too we decided we better just head home. The joys of motherhood!!

Jeremy- the wrestling champ! He just LOVES when I take his picture!

Funny story- I am such a LAS VEGAN! So I took Sienna out to make a snowman and I could NOT get the snow to go into a ball like a snowman. It would just pile up and fall looking more like a volcano! Well Shani informed me later you have to make a snowball and ROLL the snow! who knew?? I guess I have always had someone besides myself roll the balls up! I really am retarded at times but I AM from Las Vegas where we don't really make snowmen! Here is Sienna with Baby Office (she named this doll that and took it everywhere calling it that!) and our volcano that I gave up on!

Sienna helping Papa shovel the snow- there was SO much everywhere!

This was her face walking in the snow. She didn't like how her feet sunk-haha! It still makes me laugh.

Aaron decided to come up the next weekend with my dad, so we had a little early birthday party for Austin so my parents could be there! We had lots of cousins and family show up! Thanks again to everyone who came!

Two of the coolest grandparents I know! =)

My little birthday boy- we love you!
Other highlights for my memory- (you really don't have to read all this but I am writing it down because this is my record keeping!)
* My aunt got a babysitter for me and we had a girls day! We went and saw Bride Wars ( so cute!) and went to lunch!
* My parents watched the kids another night so Aaron and I could go out with Andrew and Julie to dinner and Marley & Me (such a cute show!)
*Austin got 2 teeth with another one on the way! NOT such fun nights!
*My mom woke up with Austin pretty much every morning and I got to sleep in- pure heaven in itself!
Thanks mom and dad for letting us come stay and for being the best parents a girl could ask for!

Happy Birthday Austin!

I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living my baby you'll be!!
I really could cry at how fast it went by! Happy Birthday Austin Boston!

Lied Discovery Museum

We went to the Lied Discovery Museum the first week of January with Kim, Jamon & their kids. Sienna had so much fun playing with her cousins and seeing all the fun stuff they had there! She got to sing, play grocery store, climb all over the place and just have fun. We had fun just hanging out as a family! After the museum we all came back and just hung out at our house!

Bailey singing Hannah Montana

Being the cashier for the other kids

Watching a movie and eating popcorn at Sienna's new table

Christmas through the years

Austin's 1st Christmas! He had no clue what was going on but it was still fun! He got a fun activity table, clothes, boy toys and Papa Bruce built him a much needed toy box! My parents got him a stuffed rocking horse for his room!

Sienna was so fun this year! She would not go to sleep Christmas Eve because she thought you got to meet Santa on christmas night. She woke up so mad that she had missed him! She got a bike but kept telling me she wanted a "cinderella one." Well those were too big for her so we improvised with Cinderella stickers-it worked! She got tons of toys from us and then Papa Bruce and Granny got her a princess castle and grandma Karen and Papa Paul got her a table from IKEA with the chairs.

2007 in Las Vegas
Sienna's first Christmas in Beaver, UT

Brynn is Six!!

On December 29th, Brynn turned six! She is such a sweet, silly, fun part of our family. We are so lucky to have her!
She got to celebrate about five times over about three weeks time. First, and possibly most fun was the joint birthday party with her friend Abby at the Spa. They had a blast! Next was a small party with her family in St. George, then jumpin' jacks and a family party at home on her actual birthday, now she is just waiting to take treats to school tomorrow. Here are some cute pics of the celebrations!

Abby and Brynn
All the cute girls at the party

Oh yeah, Brynn lost her first tooth about a week before her birthday!

She was really excited to get her art tower!

Miss Snow White

The last couple days this is what Sienna looks like! She cracks me up! She has become obsessed with all her babies and packs them around in her baby carrier and pack n' play. We have had to get her bottles to feed them and she has even been found nursing them! She sings to them, kisses them, and cuddles them. She tells Aaron and I to watch them while she goes to the store or wherever pretend place she is going and to let her know when they cry. I even had to go to Sam's Club the other day with her pushing her stroller with her baby! If it isn't a baby it's her new barbies which have to get their shoes changed every 5 minutes! She is such a girl and we love her for it!

Christmas Eve

Every year on Christmas Eve with Aaron's family the kids read the Nativity story and act it out. It is pretty funny! After the Nativity the kids get to open their present from the cousins. Austin was sleeping the whole time but like he has a clue what is going on anyways!

Sienna waiting for everyone to get their gift...

Getting a new Snow White dress up outfit!

She didn't take it off for the rest of the day! Shoes and all! Someone stopped by and asked her if she was Sienna and she said "No, I am Snow White!" ha!

Papa Bruce with Statlen & Ainsley
Austin loved his new basketball hoop when he woke up!
Sienna helping him open his first gift

Austin & Statlen

I have been slow at finishing Christmas up on here but things have been crazy! All the Christmas is down (sad!) and my kids got sick with the flu on the way home which I then caught! After that, we have just been playing and relaxing with friends and family! It has been a great holiday and we got a lot done around our house but I am ready for some normality again!

Mary's Baptisim

I know, I am so behind!! Due to computer problems and a crazy December, I am just getting around to posting the wonderful day of December 6th - Mary's Baptisim! Mary was so excited she was giddy - it was very cute. The baptisim was a little early - 9am, but very nice. Her Aunt Flur and Aunt Katie were part of the program, and she was baptized and confirmed by her Dad. She was baptized with one other girl - Mandy. Afterwards we had a nice brunch at our house with all the family. It was a very nice day. A special thanks to my friend Lindsay and her mom for making Mary's special dress - it turned out perfect and Mary looks darling in it. Here are some pics of the big day.

Christmas Eve's Eve

We got to Beaver on the 23rd and it was FREEZING cold! We made it just in time for a yummy dinner and then gingerbread making! LaRayne gave all the kids matching jammies and Sienna was in pure heaven with all her cousins! She asked me for days if we were going to Granny & Papa Bruce's yet! I am so glad she has so many cousins on Aaron's side and that we all have so much fun together!