I hate you Mr. Tow Truck!

Let me begin my story with some facts.
We live on the corner house in our neighborhood.
We have a 1 car garage (if you can call it that) which neither of our cars fit in so it is a storage area.
I used to park on the driveway, Aaron on the street in front of our house.
A while back they went through and red zoned all the corners in our neighborhood so we could no longer park in front of our OWN house. (yea we weren't bitter or anything- who the heck approved that?!?!)
So Aaron parks on the side of our house, my Yukon in the driveway.

So you get the facts- now onto my story!
So last Friday night I went to St. George to my nephews little birthday party and got home at about 9 or so. Aaron was in the driveway so I parked on the side of our house. I just pulled up and didn't think much of it.

Well about noon on Saturday we go outside to run some errands to find my car gone. Well in our ghetto neighborhood it was either stolen or towed because maybe I was in the red?? I don't remember. It was late, I was tired, kids had had it, I had had it! (you get the point!)

So Aaron calls the STUPID towing company and they of course have my car! (Seriously people- towed out of my OWN yard!!) Oh but it gets better. In order to get it out we have to pay them $279.75 CASH and nothing else. If we wait, there is a $40 a day storage fee. So there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. Aaron had to go down there and pay the stupid towing company almost $300 to get my car out! He said there was bullet proof glass and bars on the window to go up and get your car. (I wonder why..) I was about to pull out a gun on these people myself!

So while down there Aaron runs into a girl who is getting her car from our neighborhood as well, and our neighbor across the street got towed 2 weeks ago.

I was maybe a foot into the red- that is it! Is that hurting anyone? NO! So yea I got towed in front of my own house and had to spend what little extra cash we had saved up to go do something fun with! There goes our anniversary and probably my birthday!

I just had to tell this story because it just needs to be known- don't even put an inch of your car in the red zone at our house OR you will PAY up!!

Last night while driving Sienna says to Aaron "Did the tow guys put that writing on our window?" (referencing their info on my windshield)
Aaron: "Yep"
Sienna: "Should we sock them in the face?"
Aaron & me: "yes we should!"

So yea, I am quite upset about the whole thing but what do you do? Just vent about it on your blog I guess! And beware of people out to tow your car in front of your own house!