The little things of Summer

I am up in Utah AGAIN (surprised?...probably not!) while Aaron is off in Alaska fishing and I absolutely love it here! I would move to good old Springville, UT in a heartbeat IF I could bring my fabulous friends along! Ever since I was about 5 I have told my mom I was going to live in Springville when I grew up with all my cousins! I love that is like a small town, BUT you have every store you would ever want within 15-30 minutes! I love summer time, especially here for the following reasons...

Just yesterday I saw my kids:

*pick fresh raspberries right off the bush in the backyard and chow down
*go to Jared's farm/ work and witness the birth of a baby cow with my kids (so gross but pretty cool!) Sienna has been acting like a "Farmer" with the dogs now telling me they have baby cows in their tummy and trying to pat them like Jared funny! poor Babs and Sophie...

*go to my cousin Victoria's baseball game and sit in the grass with a slight cool breeze
*watch my little girl roll down a hill of grass for the first time and giggle as she did it over and over
*watch Sienna use the slip n' slide and love it
*watch my kids ride their scooter in the FRONT yard
*go on a walk in the morning and not sweat to death and see all the gorgeous flowers!

Anyways- the list goes on and on but I love summer time! Even in Vegas we swim, swim, and swim some more, have yummy BBQ's, and hang out with our friends on the warm summer nights! I just love it.

I don't have my camera cord so no pics but I just wanted to write some fun things I have witnessed as my kids are getting a little older, and get to enjoy summer as a kid like I did! I almost got down and rolled down the hill of grass myself! If only we knew how easy life was when we were little!!

Utah Continued...

After we went to Beaver for Memorial Day we continued on up to Springville to hang out with my family! Aaron flew home a couple days later and I stayed a few more days for Jeremy's 18th b-day! We had a little party for him with all the fam! We also got to watch Shani's little boy Brighton (the cutest little baby EVER with all that hair!) and had so much fun! Sienna absolutely loved having a real live baby doll she could hold all the time! We also went to the park, lots of swimming, and went to the zoo with Melissa and her girls! We LOVE Utah in the summer time and can't wait to go again next week while Aaron goes to Alaska with all the boys in his family!

Can you believe Jaylene is 20 weeks prego here!? She makes me sick! I wish I stayed tiny like that when I was pregnant!
Austin always finds my mom's drink and runs with it!
Papa Vern & Sienna at Jeremy's party
Hogle ZOO
Checkin out the monkeys!
The giraffe is in the back
We are so glad we get to hang out with Melissa and her girls when we come! We miss them in Vegas!
Mylittle Victoria who is my tag along babysitter! Let's hope she loves my kids for a long time because she helps me out so much!

Memorial Day 2009

I know I am a little late posting these but oh well! Over the 3 day weekend we went up to the cabin in Beaver! We had lots of fun hanging out with the family! On Memorial Day Aaron's family goes to the family cemetary in Meadow (about 30 minutes north of Beaver) and then have a lunch at the house that his grandma grew up in with all the extended family! I think it is a cool tradition that they have kept and I love the antique feel of the house! It was a great weekend spent as a family! We don't get to see everyone near enough!

WARNING: lots of pics!

Girl cousins dance party!

Statlen & Austin -T-R-O-U-B-L-E Already...

Whitley & Sienna pretend fishing- they can't wait until they can actually go!

Grandma Cleo (Age 92) and our fam!