This is how Austin has been dressed most of the morning, playing with his cousins who are over, and watching TV. It just makes me laugh how girls are born to play princess and boys, superhero figures. Buzz & Spiderman- 2 of his favs. AND he has his Batman shirt underneath all those layers.

See that coffee table right there? My awesome husband built it and then stained it. I would take some credit but I didn't do much. He took right over. I seriously lucked out. Aaron can figure out, fix, build, create, just about anything out there and he works his butt off for us! I guess I'll keep him. ;D

It's ok that it's 11 am and I'm still in my jammies blogging right?? haha.

Photo Friday

I am going to try to take a pic and write something fun we did that week each Friday! Today we are lucky enough to have our cousins Markie and Graham over while their mom is having a baby!! YAY!! We can't wait to meet the little guy. Michelle and I usually like to have our babies a few days apart. I am sad to not be joining in this time! =) But only because EVERYONE around me is having babies!! We live right up the street from each other, so it is so fun for our kids to grow up together! Especially since Michelle is MY cousin and none of my kids actual cousins live around here.

*just got a text from my friend Elizabeth with a pic of her brand new baby boy- so precious!
*waiting to hear from Whitney on her new little girl!!
*and for Michelle's baby to be here!!


While I was typing this these two were having fun outside spitting milk at each other....lovely huh?;D Good thing they're cute!

They're just a little guilty with there milk faces.hahaha.


this little boy
mascara left on the bathroom counter

How can I possibly get mad at that precious little face???

He was so proud of himself too!!

He is such a quiet little destructor....but I love him anyways!!!