The First Day of School - August 22, 2011

Lucy - 1st Grade

Brynn - 3rd Grade

Mary - 5th Grade

Heading off to start another great school year!
In August we took a fun trip to California to visit Grandma Linda and Papa Jon. We were there for a week, and did lot's of fun stuff. We went to Santa Cruz, and Tilden Park, but hands down we spent most of our time in the pool. In fact the day before we left, Mary and Brynn spent 9 hours in it! Corey, Jess, Colin and Mason came halfway through our week, and it is always fun to spend time with them. Robert also came home from Israel the day before we left. I wasn't very good at taking pictures, but here are a few.

Santa Cruz!The Ocean was COLD, but the girls still had fun!

Rides at the Boardwalk. Mary loved the Giant Dipper roller coaster.
It is the sixth oldest in the US.

This is how hard we played...Kelsey fell asleep on the exercise ball
while playing legos.

Tilden Park
The 100 year old Merry Go Round!The cute little Steam Train.