10 Months Old!

Austin turned 10 months old on Saturday! He is seriously the best baby EVER and I love him more every day! He is getting so fun and has such a cute personality already! We love you Austin!!

10 Months Old!

Austin turned 10 months old on Saturday! He is seriously the best baby EVER and I love him more every day! He is getting so fun and has such a cute personality already! We love you Austin!!


I am planning on making my blog a book soon so I decided I better get up to date!  I had so much fun in Utah with all my family a little over a week ago. Some of my adventures were:
* I went to my first BYU football game with Shani where we had great seats and lots of fun! We had to ask Rico & Ashlee what had happened a coupe times! ha!
* My poor Austin got so so sick with a wierd sleeping all the time and high fever bug for about 4 days!  I took him to quick care and found out he had pressure in his ears and he was better soon after! One night I was up for 3 hours with him screaming continually-thought I was going to die!
*I got to shop (more like look around) all my favorite stores with mom and aunt Laurie!
*Got to go to lunch with Melissa and Jennie (missed you Tara!)*My cousin Victoria who is 8 absolutely loves my kids and loves to hang out with them ALL the time giving me a break and Sienna a great friend!  She is great to take to the store because she entertains Sienna!  We also made a gingerbread house together!
*Sienna got all the attention she needs and more from aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas!  She even had a "mini-sleepover" with Jared & Jaylene in the basement to see how she would do- woke up at 4:30 a.m. screaming for me! oh well!
*Aaron flew in and we went to Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum with Shani & Chris! It was a fun family time weeekend!
*Found out I am going to be an aunt to a baby BOY!! (ha and not Jared & Jaylenes- SHANI'S- (She's Sienna's aunt too ok even if we're cousins!) Brighton Christopher is making his debut in April sometime!  YAY!!
*Brooke and Wacey got engaged FINALLY!!=)
*Sienna was introduced to Christmas music and LOVES it- that's my girl!

That's all I can think of now but I love going there and seeing all my family!! Here are some pictures of our trip!

Sienna & Shani

Someone SERIOUSLY needs to send my brother to the show "What NOT to Wear"  The whole family agrees! 
My poor sicky- after i took this picture I kinda freaked thinking he was having a seizure or something!
This is why Sienna LOVES grandma & grandpas!

Mary is 8!

I can't believe I have an eight year old! Yes, Mary's birthday was back on November 3rd, but her celebrations did span about two weeks, so here are pictures from the varioius special events. Mary on the morning of her actual birthday with some presents - she was so excited to get her own scriptures. That day at school I went to her class and did a special presentation about her, she got Subway for lunch, and breakfast for dinner (her favorite food!)
Brynn, Mary, and Peyton at the family Birthday party - it was to celebrate Mary, Kori, and my birthday, but it was mostly about Mary.
On November 14th Mary had a joint friend party with her friend Sydney(shown here) because their birthdays are so close. We had it at the Primrose Retreat spa - they got a tea party, dress up and walk the runway, and make your own lip gloss. They were in girl heaven - it was so much fun!
All the girls on the end of the runway!
Mary, Sydney, Emily, and Syndey posing on the catwalk!
Mary loved the cute pink chairs and the old fashioned phone - she says she was calling "Troy"(from High School Musical) in this picture!
Mary is a great kid. She is super creative, smart, fun to talk to, and nice to her sisters (most of the time). I couldn't ask for a better first child. We all love Mary so much, and are so glad she is in our family.

Sienna with straight hair

I went back to Utah with my parents for the week of Veterans Day and Aaron flew up on the weekend to hang out with us! Can I tell you how much I love Utah?? I would move there in a heartbeat! (if i could bring all my girlfriends with me and get my husband a great job!) The leaves were all over the ground and it was cold! Not 80 degrees like when I got home! I got to wear my cute sweaters and UGG boots and loved every second of it! For our family it felt like Christmas so we put all our Christmas stuff up!! (Mostly because Sienna won't be with my family for Christmas and they are coming to Vegas for Thanksgiving so my mom put it up for her!) I will put pics up of that later but while I was there we straightened her hair which I had never done before and it was way cute! It still just wasn't my little crazy without her curls! I think Austin will have curly hair too because it curls over when I spike it up! And Sienna is eating brownie batter in one of those pics! She is a choc-a-holic like her grandpa and they always eat it together! Austin is just as bad! My dad can't resist giving him bites of his chocolate ice cream either! There is no hope for my kids! It's in their genes!

santa claus is coming to town...

I was just yelling at Sienna for kicking her brother and she looks up at me and says "Santa Clause isn't going to bring you any toys if you are not nice to me!!"
Yea Sienna I wish Santa came for moms! =) The things kids say!
The whole Santa threat works great! Aaron is on his cell phone calling him daily- let's see how long it lasts though!


Again, this is a very late post, and a very long one. Here are pictures from our entire month of October. We went to a fun little Pumpkin Patch in Springville, and then we painted our pumpkins at Grandma Keet's annual "Pumpkin Party!" And of course my darling little squad of BYU cheerleaders! We had a great Halloween!

The entire "squad" pre trick or treating.

My friend and Brynn's kindergarten tech making "witche's brew". I had a great time helping at Brynn's Halloween party.

Brynn at school on Halloween.

Mary before school on Halloween

Lucy before her preschool Halloween party

Lucy and Blake painting their pumpkins - yes Lucy prefers to paint nude.
This is also were Katie announced that their new baby will be a boy - she painted it on a pumpkin. I'm so excited to have another boy around - Kelsey will be "boy trapped" as my girls put it.
Mary painting her pumpkin
Brynn going to town in Grandma's apron!

Lucy and her giant pumpkin at the pumpkin patch

All the girls showing their pumpkins.

Halloween Weekend!

We started off the weekend going to pick up my mom from the airport! We were all so excited to see her! (my parents moved to Utah a couple months ago if you didn't know so she came to see us!) Sienna was so excited to see her 4-wheeler at grandma's house!

On Halloween Day Sienna and I went to her friend Aiden's party in the morning and then at night we went to our wards trunk-or-treat!

My mom with her favorite people on earth- no joke! They are all best friends!

Check out all that candy! She hasn't stopped eating it since Friday night!

Sunday night we had dinner with Grandma & Grandpa Albright! We had yummy soup and cheesecake!

Overall we had a fun weekend! Now it's time to start getting ready for the holidays! Sienna is getting to be so fun and actually understand what's going on a little bit! I just wish time would slow down a little!