Sienna with straight hair

I went back to Utah with my parents for the week of Veterans Day and Aaron flew up on the weekend to hang out with us! Can I tell you how much I love Utah?? I would move there in a heartbeat! (if i could bring all my girlfriends with me and get my husband a great job!) The leaves were all over the ground and it was cold! Not 80 degrees like when I got home! I got to wear my cute sweaters and UGG boots and loved every second of it! For our family it felt like Christmas so we put all our Christmas stuff up!! (Mostly because Sienna won't be with my family for Christmas and they are coming to Vegas for Thanksgiving so my mom put it up for her!) I will put pics up of that later but while I was there we straightened her hair which I had never done before and it was way cute! It still just wasn't my little crazy without her curls! I think Austin will have curly hair too because it curls over when I spike it up! And Sienna is eating brownie batter in one of those pics! She is a choc-a-holic like her grandpa and they always eat it together! Austin is just as bad! My dad can't resist giving him bites of his chocolate ice cream either! There is no hope for my kids! It's in their genes!