Bad Mom & Bad Blogger

I just don't have it in me to blog anymore. I finally got the energy to do it, and remembered Aaron has my laptop with him on his trip to Phoenix with all my pictures on it. NOO!! I am not about to upload all my pics onto this computer.

So instead I took a pic of the kids tonight in all their glory.

It is 6:30 on a Sunday night in November. Some little facts around here

*Aaron went to Phoenix for the weekend with his friend from high school which leaves me all by myself

*Sienna is wearing her swimsuit at 6:30 at night- don't ask me why and ask me if I care. She was even out back playing in it in the freezing cold.
Austin had his on too but fell asleep on the floor. When I moved him to his bed to put him in jammies he woke up- dang it!! power nap for him...
*we may have had frozen pizza for lunch and top ramen for dinner- gourmet i know!

*there are toys strewn about my house in every room and popcorn thrown all over the floor in my bedroom.

*i am beyond exhausted. Not because Aaron is gone but because it is Sunday, and I have done nothing but go to church today. I feel like this every Sunday.

*I am so sick of cleaning up messes CONSTANTLY. They never end. My mom tells me I will miss this when they're gone but I beg to differ

*we really miss Aaron and wish he would come home.

* if my kids ask me one more time to call Santa and tell him what they want I may scream

*Austin just sat on my lap and farted.

*Sienna just came in to tell me Austin just peed on the floor in my room. GREAT!


Isn't life grand???

Halloween is always a fun holiday, my kids get pretty into it. Of course Halloween at school with the parties and costume parade is almost as fun as real Halloween. This year on Saturday we had a ward activity that included dinner, games, and a trunk or treat...which was great because it was freezing. The kids seemed to have a great time, and got plenty of candy! My cute girls!
Mary was spaghetti and meatballs!

Brynn being a crazy Cave Girl!
Lucy said she wanted to be a vampire, and never waivered. She did of course wear a dress.

She did manage to scare Kelsey ever time she put in her teeth.
Kelsey was a cute little Minnie Mouse!
"Scary" costumes really scared Kelsey...including Lucy's teeth. She wouldn't cry she would just cover her mouth with her hands. Here she is at the elementary school parade. It had enough scary costumes, that she spent the entire parade like this.

Fall Fun!

Fall is so fun. I love the perfect weather, and it signals the beginning of fun holidays and traditions. The annual "Pumpkin Party" at Grandma Keet's is a favorite of my kids. They get to paint pumpkins for grandma's porch, and play with their cousins. They have a blast and this year was no expection. We also try to get to a pumpkin patch every year. This year (and last) we went to the Red Barn. It is a fun experience, you get a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch, then you pick your own pumpkin, and back to the barn for treats like donuts or ice cream. It was a cold, but fun night for our family. Kelsey is so excited to start painting...she had to go topless due to the mess!
Cute cousins anxiously awaiting their paint.
The painting is in full swing.
Mary's green pumpkin with spiders.
Brynn's spiders, moon and cat.
Lucy's rainbow poka-dots.
Kelsey just enjoying herself to the fullest!
The girls outside the maze at the pumpkin patch.
They finished!
The pumpkin patch had cute "scenes" for pictures...our little ghosts.