Fall Fun!

Fall is so fun. I love the perfect weather, and it signals the beginning of fun holidays and traditions. The annual "Pumpkin Party" at Grandma Keet's is a favorite of my kids. They get to paint pumpkins for grandma's porch, and play with their cousins. They have a blast and this year was no expection. We also try to get to a pumpkin patch every year. This year (and last) we went to the Red Barn. It is a fun experience, you get a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch, then you pick your own pumpkin, and back to the barn for treats like donuts or ice cream. It was a cold, but fun night for our family. Kelsey is so excited to start painting...she had to go topless due to the mess!
Cute cousins anxiously awaiting their paint.
The painting is in full swing.
Mary's green pumpkin with spiders.
Brynn's spiders, moon and cat.
Lucy's rainbow poka-dots.
Kelsey just enjoying herself to the fullest!
The girls outside the maze at the pumpkin patch.
They finished!
The pumpkin patch had cute "scenes" for pictures...our little ghosts.