Bad Mom & Bad Blogger

I just don't have it in me to blog anymore. I finally got the energy to do it, and remembered Aaron has my laptop with him on his trip to Phoenix with all my pictures on it. NOO!! I am not about to upload all my pics onto this computer.

So instead I took a pic of the kids tonight in all their glory.

It is 6:30 on a Sunday night in November. Some little facts around here

*Aaron went to Phoenix for the weekend with his friend from high school which leaves me all by myself

*Sienna is wearing her swimsuit at 6:30 at night- don't ask me why and ask me if I care. She was even out back playing in it in the freezing cold.
Austin had his on too but fell asleep on the floor. When I moved him to his bed to put him in jammies he woke up- dang it!! power nap for him...
*we may have had frozen pizza for lunch and top ramen for dinner- gourmet i know!

*there are toys strewn about my house in every room and popcorn thrown all over the floor in my bedroom.

*i am beyond exhausted. Not because Aaron is gone but because it is Sunday, and I have done nothing but go to church today. I feel like this every Sunday.

*I am so sick of cleaning up messes CONSTANTLY. They never end. My mom tells me I will miss this when they're gone but I beg to differ

*we really miss Aaron and wish he would come home.

* if my kids ask me one more time to call Santa and tell him what they want I may scream

*Austin just sat on my lap and farted.

*Sienna just came in to tell me Austin just peed on the floor in my room. GREAT!


Isn't life grand???