A Post about Sienna

Once again, I know I am slacking so I am just taking a moment to write about my beatiful baby girl because I just love her to pieces. She drives me to near insanity on a DAILY basis but she wouldn't be Sienna without that personality, sass, and beauty of hers.

On Thanksgiving she ran to me with a little slip of paper she had received from her primary teacher and we had forgot to fill out!! (She was quite concerned we hadn't!) On the sheet it says "I am thankful for" with a few lines on it. So I simply asked her and these were her replies in order-

I am Thankful for:


my brother

all my family

grandma and grandpa

heavenly father

mom and dad




my cousins




my friends

and then I had to stop her because we were out of room and off she ran to make some unbelievable mess or taunt her brother to no end..=)

I just wanted to write this down to remember. I thought it was so cute how she just kept going and going. I hope she can always be so thankful for all she has because she really is one lucky little thing who has so many people who love her and give her WAY too much attention. BUT Sienna is one of those kids who thrives off attention- good or bad, so I am glad she has lots of love surrounding her.

On another note, our ward had this genius idea to have the young women watch the kids 3 and up for "Santa's Workshop" so the parents can go shopping. She loved it, and I loved it!=)

Anyways- while there she saw Santa!! (can you believe it!?!?) While there she told him she wants "a thing like her dad's iphone AND a bike." Well Santa told her he was going to work on getting those for her. I nicely explained that Santa will bring her "one" of the items requested because they are expensive. Oh no- Santa told her she could have both so that's just what she will get. (That dang Santa!)

It is pretty funny when I think about it but I have had to work a lot today asking which item she requests because only one can come to our house now. (I think I have her convinced on her own little handheld computer thing- Fisher Price IXL) She is SO her father's daughter. I had to convince of the IXL because she's been requesting an Iphone and Ipod since June.

So I just wanted to jot these little things down because I know I will forget. I can't handle how fast time goes. And Christmas is dang expensive when you have kids. Especially ones who like electronics. What happened to a good old barbie doll? Good thing Austin wants a GI Joe mask- I can handle that! I can only imagine when I have more kids and they get older! Aah!!