Newport Beach 2009

(My pages uploaded huge and I'm not sure how to downsize, oh well!!)

We had so much fun at our annual beach trip!! We went to all different beaches this year! We did a couple days at our usual "lifegaurd stand 56" in Newport where we ALWAYS go, of course! We did one day at Laguna Beach and another day at Huntington Beach. We made a stop by the OC Fair which was fun but a little pricey and our kids were still too little! (Although Sienna still thought it was fun!) We had to eat at our usual "Pat & Oscars" (delicious pizza, salad, and breadsticks) and "Duke's" on the pier in Huntington so my dad could get his Hula Pie! We had a lot of fun with all my dad's family and just pretty much chilled on the beach as much as we could! The first night we went to dinner with Nick & Rivka, their kids Wilder & Liv and Ryan Bundra! It was a little crazy with all our kids but great to see them! From that night on we decided we would just get food either "drive thru" or "to go" and just eat at the hotel!! A 3 yr old and 18 month old are NOT fun to eat out with! We preferred getting our food, eating at the hotel, and then swimming in the hotel pool! Sienna and Austin loved every minute of playing in the sand! I think Austin ate a whole sandbox full by the end of the week! The first day we were there Sienna ran into the water but a wave knocked her over which scared her for the rest of the week until the last day! It was nice for me though because I didn't have to worry so much! That is our trip in a nutshell!! Thanks mom and dad for the great memories! I took way too many pics as usual but had fun scrapbooking them!!

Happiness on a Hot Day in Vegas

Hot Day + Slurpee = HAPPINESS

(And a sane mother while walking around Target!!)

I think these pics are so funny- Austin makes the dorkiest faces always. I can never just get a normal smile!!

Mmmm.. Mmmm.. good!

28 YEARS!!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!! I love you both so much and don't know what I would do without you!! Hope you have a FABULOUS day and don't miss the kids too much!! LOVE YOU!


Today was one of those days when the kids both woke up beyond ornery and so it began.
We ran some errands and the kids did surprisingly well. We came home and the kids went and played outside for a long while. Nothing too particular has set me off. I am just ornery and tired myself. Sienna and Austin did track all sorts of sand and mud into my house from the sandbox.

(That damn sand box- did I mention I mopped the entire floor spotlessly clean last night?)

It keeps them entertained for hours BUT it makes such a mess when they come in and out. I think that is what set me off. They have just been whiny and clingy and messy today which in turn has made me ornery and tired and want to scream!! So now I have them watching a movie (who knows if they are really watching..) and I am blogging about my little angels...=)

I love my kids to death but some days... They drive me absolutely positively INSANE!!! I need a break....

It could be the fact that my parents left a couple days ago and they give me a big break with Sienna.

Or the fact that my husband works from like 8 am to 8 pm everyday. Whatever the triggers are- I just want to climb into my bed and throw the covers over my head and not have ANYONE bugging me!!

Now onto make dinner... Aaron is going to be SO happy when he gets home tonight. I will try and act pleasant just for him. =)

The End.

PS- Does anyone else have these days OR is it just ME???

The Big Day!

Today was the big day that Sienna has been waiting for for weeks! She kept bugging me until I finally caved and let her get her ears pierced!
Here she is all ready to go!!

This is what Sienna looks like whenever we leave our house and notice Austin's "cycle. (I swear she thinks she is 13!)
When we got there she was so excited! They pierced both her ears at the same time! OUCH! She cried for just a few seconds after but then was a big girl!

Getting ready...
After... (you can see her little tear)
In the car and so proud!

Afterwards we went to Target and she was telling EVERYONE how she got her ears pierced! I love my little girlie girl! And these pictures are for my mom who wanted to see all the pics and Sienna wanted her to see one with both her earrings in!

For the record after they were done Sienna got a sticker that said "I just got my ears pierced!" WELL- Austin wanted one too and he wore it ALL over Target thinking he was a stud! hahaha... I just had to laugh!

Random Thoughts

I just wanted to post some happenings around here for my own journaling purpose...

We just got back from Newport Beach. Can I just move there and be on vacation all year round?? I wish!

There is just something about the beach that is so wonderful. It is just so relaxing and the weather is fabulous. It was definitely a bit crazy this year. Last year Austin couldn't move yet and this year he was ALL over the place. I was having anxiety making sure he and Sienna were both safe and sound. Overall though it was great fun with lots of fun family time! I'll post about that later!

My little Sienna turned 3 1/2. Sienna and I had a little photo shoot for her in Utah a couple weeks back as you can see from my pics with this post. I know that is still so little but she is turning into such a kid now. She is my little pal and is seriously like hanging out with a 13 year old. I am in for it when she is actually a teenager because this girl has some serious attitude. It is what makes her Sienna though. This last week she has decided she needs at least one purse wherever we go and her sunglasses on. She has decided she wants her ears pierced and keeps asking me if we can go over and over. I told her after the beach hoping she would forget and it hasn't happened yet! She also can swim all by herself a little bit! She gets in my mom and dads jacuzzi and paddles and kicks from one end to the other. It gives me a heart attack every time that she does this thinking she's not going to make it and I will have to grab her. All this while Austin is trying to climb in and go "simming!!" because Sienna is.

In other news most of you know my brother Jeremy is adopted. His biological grandma, Gloralie passed away this last week. She took me and Jared in as her own grandchild and I will always be grateful for that. We all know you can never have too many grandmas! Gloralie was always so generous with us. She moved to Alaska when Jeremy was about 5 years old and she still always sent us money on our birthdays and holidays and kept in touch with us. When Jared got called on his mission to the Anchorage Alaska mission her and Jeremy's aunt Michelle would watch over Jared and call us with any news. Her funeral was today and it was small but very sweet. I will always be grateful for her and the grandma she was to me. It must have taken a lot to give up her grandson into our family. It's pretty cool when you think about it that Jeremy became my brother and we have been able to stay in contact with some of his real family members.

Sienna was so confused as to how Gloralie had died and how she was getting to heaven. She asked me if Heavenly Father and Jesus were going to come pick her up. I told her "yep." She then said "Is it a long drive to Heaven mom?" I love her innocence. Today as we pulled up to the cemetary she saw a car parked in the parking lot and asked me "Is that Jesus's car he brought to pick up Gloralie?" How cute is that!

Well I am going to go to bed now but I wanted to write some of these things down so I don't forget!

Austin's Newest Love

Anyone who knows my dad or brothers know they have a love for motorcycles. My dad has quite a few dirt bikes and street bikes and he loves to take them out! I have decided this love is a born gene because now Austin has become obsessed with them!

It all started when we were swimming at my Aunt Megans and Austin found a toy motorcycle. My mom got him one like it at Target which he slept with and carried all over the house saying "cycle, cycle"(pronounced sickle by his cute little mouth)

My dad recently purchased a brand new street bike while in Vegas and Austin fell in love with the big "cycle'" and always tries to run into the garage to see it.(so annoying!)

Then while we were in Utah he took the next step and would cry and cry if you didn't let him sit on it. He would constantly run to the door yelling "cycle, cycle" until someone would take him out. After a couple days of this I had my dad take him for a ride hoping it would scare him. OH NO- He LOVED it! He would cry, kick and scream when I took him off. I think it is cute he is SUCH a boy but I hope as he grows up he stays off any motorcycle! I am afraid I am in for a long road of broken bones and crashes just like all the other boys in my family! Aah!

Notice his new "Broncos" hat. I had to buy it for Aaron. He's so proud! =)
His first real cruise just on my parents street... isn't Utah so pretty?

Sienna is such a goof and had to be like her papa!