Random Thoughts

I just wanted to post some happenings around here for my own journaling purpose...

We just got back from Newport Beach. Can I just move there and be on vacation all year round?? I wish!

There is just something about the beach that is so wonderful. It is just so relaxing and the weather is fabulous. It was definitely a bit crazy this year. Last year Austin couldn't move yet and this year he was ALL over the place. I was having anxiety making sure he and Sienna were both safe and sound. Overall though it was great fun with lots of fun family time! I'll post about that later!

My little Sienna turned 3 1/2. Sienna and I had a little photo shoot for her in Utah a couple weeks back as you can see from my pics with this post. I know that is still so little but she is turning into such a kid now. She is my little pal and is seriously like hanging out with a 13 year old. I am in for it when she is actually a teenager because this girl has some serious attitude. It is what makes her Sienna though. This last week she has decided she needs at least one purse wherever we go and her sunglasses on. She has decided she wants her ears pierced and keeps asking me if we can go over and over. I told her after the beach hoping she would forget and it hasn't happened yet! She also can swim all by herself a little bit! She gets in my mom and dads jacuzzi and paddles and kicks from one end to the other. It gives me a heart attack every time that she does this thinking she's not going to make it and I will have to grab her. All this while Austin is trying to climb in and go "simming!!" because Sienna is.

In other news most of you know my brother Jeremy is adopted. His biological grandma, Gloralie passed away this last week. She took me and Jared in as her own grandchild and I will always be grateful for that. We all know you can never have too many grandmas! Gloralie was always so generous with us. She moved to Alaska when Jeremy was about 5 years old and she still always sent us money on our birthdays and holidays and kept in touch with us. When Jared got called on his mission to the Anchorage Alaska mission her and Jeremy's aunt Michelle would watch over Jared and call us with any news. Her funeral was today and it was small but very sweet. I will always be grateful for her and the grandma she was to me. It must have taken a lot to give up her grandson into our family. It's pretty cool when you think about it that Jeremy became my brother and we have been able to stay in contact with some of his real family members.

Sienna was so confused as to how Gloralie had died and how she was getting to heaven. She asked me if Heavenly Father and Jesus were going to come pick her up. I told her "yep." She then said "Is it a long drive to Heaven mom?" I love her innocence. Today as we pulled up to the cemetary she saw a car parked in the parking lot and asked me "Is that Jesus's car he brought to pick up Gloralie?" How cute is that!

Well I am going to go to bed now but I wanted to write some of these things down so I don't forget!