Austin's Newest Love

Anyone who knows my dad or brothers know they have a love for motorcycles. My dad has quite a few dirt bikes and street bikes and he loves to take them out! I have decided this love is a born gene because now Austin has become obsessed with them!

It all started when we were swimming at my Aunt Megans and Austin found a toy motorcycle. My mom got him one like it at Target which he slept with and carried all over the house saying "cycle, cycle"(pronounced sickle by his cute little mouth)

My dad recently purchased a brand new street bike while in Vegas and Austin fell in love with the big "cycle'" and always tries to run into the garage to see it.(so annoying!)

Then while we were in Utah he took the next step and would cry and cry if you didn't let him sit on it. He would constantly run to the door yelling "cycle, cycle" until someone would take him out. After a couple days of this I had my dad take him for a ride hoping it would scare him. OH NO- He LOVED it! He would cry, kick and scream when I took him off. I think it is cute he is SUCH a boy but I hope as he grows up he stays off any motorcycle! I am afraid I am in for a long road of broken bones and crashes just like all the other boys in my family! Aah!

Notice his new "Broncos" hat. I had to buy it for Aaron. He's so proud! =)
His first real cruise just on my parents street... isn't Utah so pretty?

Sienna is such a goof and had to be like her papa!