Today was one of those days when the kids both woke up beyond ornery and so it began.
We ran some errands and the kids did surprisingly well. We came home and the kids went and played outside for a long while. Nothing too particular has set me off. I am just ornery and tired myself. Sienna and Austin did track all sorts of sand and mud into my house from the sandbox.

(That damn sand box- did I mention I mopped the entire floor spotlessly clean last night?)

It keeps them entertained for hours BUT it makes such a mess when they come in and out. I think that is what set me off. They have just been whiny and clingy and messy today which in turn has made me ornery and tired and want to scream!! So now I have them watching a movie (who knows if they are really watching..) and I am blogging about my little angels...=)

I love my kids to death but some days... They drive me absolutely positively INSANE!!! I need a break....

It could be the fact that my parents left a couple days ago and they give me a big break with Sienna.

Or the fact that my husband works from like 8 am to 8 pm everyday. Whatever the triggers are- I just want to climb into my bed and throw the covers over my head and not have ANYONE bugging me!!

Now onto make dinner... Aaron is going to be SO happy when he gets home tonight. I will try and act pleasant just for him. =)

The End.

PS- Does anyone else have these days OR is it just ME???