The Big Day!

Today was the big day that Sienna has been waiting for for weeks! She kept bugging me until I finally caved and let her get her ears pierced!
Here she is all ready to go!!

This is what Sienna looks like whenever we leave our house and notice Austin's "cycle. (I swear she thinks she is 13!)
When we got there she was so excited! They pierced both her ears at the same time! OUCH! She cried for just a few seconds after but then was a big girl!

Getting ready...
After... (you can see her little tear)
In the car and so proud!

Afterwards we went to Target and she was telling EVERYONE how she got her ears pierced! I love my little girlie girl! And these pictures are for my mom who wanted to see all the pics and Sienna wanted her to see one with both her earrings in!

For the record after they were done Sienna got a sticker that said "I just got my ears pierced!" WELL- Austin wanted one too and he wore it ALL over Target thinking he was a stud! hahaha... I just had to laugh!