Albright Christmas Party

I have a lot to post so bear with me. I got a new camera for christmas (thanks mom and dad!) so I took so many pictures to try to figure it out! I love my new camera and we have had a fun couple weeks! We had our annual Albright Christmas party early this year because our family has grown so big the last few years! We had it at a church with a yummy turkey dinner and performances from the younger kids!
Sienna and Markie performed I Am a Child of God. (More like Markie performed while Sienna sat there way too shy!) Markie has the TRUE Albright performing genes and Sienna is more like my family that sits back and watches!! Everyone's family did something but mine- haha! Thats why we tried to have Sienna represent! Then the kids performed the Nativity. It was fun to see everyone! Thanks grandma and grandpa for a great night!

Sienna & Markie singing away

Austin & Graham- only 6 days apart!

Not the best pic but it works!

Ashlee & Dakota

Jared carved my grandpa this walking stick

santa claus came to town!!

We had our ward party this last weekend where Santa came to visit! Sienna was SO excited the whole day to see him! She is usually a little on the shy side with strangers so I thought for sure she wouldn't go talk to some guy with a white beard! Well she proved me wrong! When Santa arrived she was a little hesitant, but once she saw all the kids she kept trying to cut in line and run onto the stage. When it was her turn she ran to him and jumped right onto his lap and said "I want toys!" pretty loud. It was so funny~ Austin didn't know what to think but he didn't cry or anything! Needless to say Sienna CAN NOT wait for Santa to come! This age is so fun because she actually is starting to understand!
When people ask Sienna what she wants Santa to bring her she responds "Dora Toys!"

Funny story- we all know we threaten our kids with the whole "Ok I am going to call Santa.." when they are being naughty. The other night at Marc & Whit's house Aaron used that line and Sienna responded back "OK then call Santa Claus." Seriously where does this girls little 13 yr old attitude come from!?!

SnOw DaY iN VeGaS

I know everyone will post about the snow in Las Vegas but it was SO fun! It rarely happens! When I was growing up here I don't remember it ever snowing like this! Sienna sat staring out the window watching it fall in awe! She said "It's snowing like at the Utah house!" My parents house is about 5 minutes up from our house so they get A LOT more snow, so I had to take some pictures for them of their house since they aren't home! What a fun day!
Last week I was complaining because I would sweat in my sweaters- Not so much now! Bring it on- good thing I will be in Beaver for Christmas where I really may have a White Christmas!

This is in front of our house where there was just sprinkles of snow!

And these are my parents house where there was LOTS of snow to play with and make a snow man with! (we had to improvise with my dads cowboy hat!) Sienna was telling everyone at the store how she made a snowman! Too cute!

Sienna the Choc-o-holic

Last night Sienna and Aaron made a chocolate cake together. They let it cool and then Aaron put the frosting on. WELL about 5 minutes after Aaron had frosted it he comes out to the garage where I am and asks "Where's Sienna?" (he thought she was with me) Well he found her upstairs after digging her hands in the cake when no one was looking! When we asked her why she dug into the cake she replied "I was just so hungry!" She had pulled her little chair over and dug on in!
This girl is such a choc-a-holic!

You can't really tell by the picture but maybe if you make it big you can!