Albright Christmas Party

I have a lot to post so bear with me. I got a new camera for christmas (thanks mom and dad!) so I took so many pictures to try to figure it out! I love my new camera and we have had a fun couple weeks! We had our annual Albright Christmas party early this year because our family has grown so big the last few years! We had it at a church with a yummy turkey dinner and performances from the younger kids!
Sienna and Markie performed I Am a Child of God. (More like Markie performed while Sienna sat there way too shy!) Markie has the TRUE Albright performing genes and Sienna is more like my family that sits back and watches!! Everyone's family did something but mine- haha! Thats why we tried to have Sienna represent! Then the kids performed the Nativity. It was fun to see everyone! Thanks grandma and grandpa for a great night!

Sienna & Markie singing away

Austin & Graham- only 6 days apart!

Not the best pic but it works!

Ashlee & Dakota

Jared carved my grandpa this walking stick