SnOw DaY iN VeGaS

I know everyone will post about the snow in Las Vegas but it was SO fun! It rarely happens! When I was growing up here I don't remember it ever snowing like this! Sienna sat staring out the window watching it fall in awe! She said "It's snowing like at the Utah house!" My parents house is about 5 minutes up from our house so they get A LOT more snow, so I had to take some pictures for them of their house since they aren't home! What a fun day!
Last week I was complaining because I would sweat in my sweaters- Not so much now! Bring it on- good thing I will be in Beaver for Christmas where I really may have a White Christmas!

This is in front of our house where there was just sprinkles of snow!

And these are my parents house where there was LOTS of snow to play with and make a snow man with! (we had to improvise with my dads cowboy hat!) Sienna was telling everyone at the store how she made a snowman! Too cute!