santa claus came to town!!

We had our ward party this last weekend where Santa came to visit! Sienna was SO excited the whole day to see him! She is usually a little on the shy side with strangers so I thought for sure she wouldn't go talk to some guy with a white beard! Well she proved me wrong! When Santa arrived she was a little hesitant, but once she saw all the kids she kept trying to cut in line and run onto the stage. When it was her turn she ran to him and jumped right onto his lap and said "I want toys!" pretty loud. It was so funny~ Austin didn't know what to think but he didn't cry or anything! Needless to say Sienna CAN NOT wait for Santa to come! This age is so fun because she actually is starting to understand!
When people ask Sienna what she wants Santa to bring her she responds "Dora Toys!"

Funny story- we all know we threaten our kids with the whole "Ok I am going to call Santa.." when they are being naughty. The other night at Marc & Whit's house Aaron used that line and Sienna responded back "OK then call Santa Claus." Seriously where does this girls little 13 yr old attitude come from!?!