18 Months Old

Tomorrow my little boy turns 18 months old! NOOO! He is my BABY! Now I know that 18 months is still little but it is the stage where they are more toddler than baby. Austin is my little crazy!! I know you readers don't care but I want to record the things he does so I can remember!

loves playing basketball! Maybe one day he can reach the hoop my dad got!
Crashed after playing too hard with their cousins!
loves "sissy's" helmet!
Loves electronics just like his dad.

*He loves "simming" (swimming) even though he mainly walks around and dips his toe in! Oh well- easier for me to watch him!
*He calls Sienna "sissy" and has to be with her pretty much ALL day. She's luckily a good sport and they are little pals. He likes whatever she likes and they fight a lot because of it! (the joys of sibling fighting has begun...)
*throws his food ALWAYS (any tips on stopping this?? he is REALLY bad and does it with anything I give him or spits it out)
*has started saying lots of words the last month or so
*loves to tattle on daddy or sissy when they hurt him in any way and runs crying to me saying their name so he can get some love
*hits and laughs about it.. we are working on this one!
*loves chocolate and calls M&M's "num nums!" He ALWAYS is asking for them!
*loves any ball, truck or his "cycle"
*looks for "sissy" as soon as he wakes up- it's cute they are such pals
*thinks he is so cool when he puts Sienna's princess helmet on. He loves to wear it (great blackmail later on!)
*loves to dance
*such a mama's boy! I am his absolute favorite person and I hope to be that FOREVER! (even though I know I won't be!) I love hearing "mom" all day long just because he likes to say it!=)

I have just decided the 2nd kid liks whatever the first kid likes and plays with because that is what they see! So I know noone really cares about these things but I want to remember them!!

And what is a post without my little girl?? She is such a fish now and would swim ALL day long if I let her!

Girls Night Out!!

A few of my girlfriends went out for Katie's b-day last night!!(Let's be honest- we take any excuse to get together!) We went to dinner at Kona Grill and then went to the see the movie The Proposal. After that we pretended we were 12 again and had a sleepover at Whit's house! We stayed up all hours of the night and just had a good time! Today I am beyond exhausted and realize I really am no longer 12 and NEED my sleep! Oh well- it was a great time and I love my girls! Melissa even came from Utah to the festivities! I have decided the brunette girls NEED to quit missing our events because Kinsey and I look like we don't belong with all those blondes! Everytime we all go out we have people comment about it! We missed those of you who couldn't make it, but I am sure we will be planning at least a night out soon enough!

Aaron had Marc and Matt over for dinner with the kids while I was gone.I got home this morning and was told to look in the toy closet the kids had cleaned up all on their own.(5 kids- 4 and under) This is what I found! Oh well- it was still a fun night and the closet is now back in order!

4th of July

This year my aunt Megan was so kind and had her annual 4th of July party even though most of her kids weren't even there! We are so glad she did because a few of us kids are parentless here, so she is our stand in local mom as Michelle stated! =) Love you Megan and I know I can always count on your for a fabulous party!

Sienna is her cute 4th of July outfit her granny got for her! Thanks LaRayne!

An attempt of them together before they dumped sand all over their heads and had to have baths!
My fruit pizza! I have to give Aaron credit- it was his idea but I made it! =)
My little girl who becomes braver each time we swim! (This is for my mom and dad to see!)

Jumping in from the jacuzzi

Pointing to the fireworks- He LOVED them and sat in awe. Such a boy!

I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July!

Summer Fun June 2009

I just wanted to update with pics of June 2009 so I can remember what's happened! We have done lots of things! Just to list a few with some pics:

We had my grandpa Vern's 80th birthday party! I love my grandpa and I am so glad he is such a great example to me! You just have to know him to see what an incredible man he is! (And the same goes for my beautiful grandma!!)

*We also had a surprise farewell party for my Uncle Mark and Aunt Karyn who just left to be mission president over the Washington D.C. mission!! I stink and only got one measly picture of the amazing event of Markie, Sienna and Peyton!

Sienna and I went to Mandalay Bay's pool with some friends! It was so much fun!! I didn't get many pics but that pool is AMAZING! (Sienna called it the "california pool" because there was a pool and beach sand)

Sienna and I also went to Tuacahn in St. George with all the girls in Aaron's family for a late mother's day! We went shopping, to dinner, and then saw the play Annie. It was fun to be with all the girls and Sienna did pretty good during the play!

Grandma & Grandpa ( my parents) were in town a little bit so we hung out a lot and went swimming! They also got the kids some deals on some toys which they absolutely love!!

We went to Utah while Aaron was in Alaska fishing with his brothers and dad!! (I might make him post on that!!) We saw a baby cow born on the LDS Chruch ranch my brothers work on. (Jared delivers cows all day long for the next couple months. It was pretty cool!)

(look closely if you wish and you will see the cow coming out.... haha!)

That's as close as Sienna would get to the baby cow and heffer.(A first time mom cow- now you know in case Sienna calls you that if you are prego. Thanks for teaching her Jared!)

Sienna and Grandma having a tea party!
Best friends just cuddling for no reason!

Here is Sienna on her slip n' slide. Her and Victoria had so much fun once Sienna figured out how to slip on it!

And here are just other pics I wanted to post for when I make my 2009 book!!

I love these two even if they drive me to insanity on a daily basis!

WOW- That was long! So if you are still reading this, that was the month of June pretty much summed up! Busy busy! We love summer!!

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What's in a 3 year olds purse??

Tonight while we were out and about Sienna was carrying her purse on her shoulder so she could be a "twinner" with her mom. (I absolutely love having a girl and think everyone should get at least one!!) Aaron looked in it to see what she had and we were both cracking up. She is so observant and had packed it herself. Here is what was in there:

(chapstick, 2 cell phones, fake money, in n' out stickers, her makeup and her keys)

Pretty much the same things I have in my purse (except her stickers she puts all over my house!)
Oh missy- we love you and what a crazy girl you are!

And here is just a picture of my two favorite boys in the whole world...