4th of July

This year my aunt Megan was so kind and had her annual 4th of July party even though most of her kids weren't even there! We are so glad she did because a few of us kids are parentless here, so she is our stand in local mom as Michelle stated! =) Love you Megan and I know I can always count on your for a fabulous party!

Sienna is her cute 4th of July outfit her granny got for her! Thanks LaRayne!

An attempt of them together before they dumped sand all over their heads and had to have baths!
My fruit pizza! I have to give Aaron credit- it was his idea but I made it! =)
My little girl who becomes braver each time we swim! (This is for my mom and dad to see!)

Jumping in from the jacuzzi

Pointing to the fireworks- He LOVED them and sat in awe. Such a boy!

I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July!