Girls Night Out!!

A few of my girlfriends went out for Katie's b-day last night!!(Let's be honest- we take any excuse to get together!) We went to dinner at Kona Grill and then went to the see the movie The Proposal. After that we pretended we were 12 again and had a sleepover at Whit's house! We stayed up all hours of the night and just had a good time! Today I am beyond exhausted and realize I really am no longer 12 and NEED my sleep! Oh well- it was a great time and I love my girls! Melissa even came from Utah to the festivities! I have decided the brunette girls NEED to quit missing our events because Kinsey and I look like we don't belong with all those blondes! Everytime we all go out we have people comment about it! We missed those of you who couldn't make it, but I am sure we will be planning at least a night out soon enough!

Aaron had Marc and Matt over for dinner with the kids while I was gone.I got home this morning and was told to look in the toy closet the kids had cleaned up all on their own.(5 kids- 4 and under) This is what I found! Oh well- it was still a fun night and the closet is now back in order!