Summer Fun June 2009

I just wanted to update with pics of June 2009 so I can remember what's happened! We have done lots of things! Just to list a few with some pics:

We had my grandpa Vern's 80th birthday party! I love my grandpa and I am so glad he is such a great example to me! You just have to know him to see what an incredible man he is! (And the same goes for my beautiful grandma!!)

*We also had a surprise farewell party for my Uncle Mark and Aunt Karyn who just left to be mission president over the Washington D.C. mission!! I stink and only got one measly picture of the amazing event of Markie, Sienna and Peyton!

Sienna and I went to Mandalay Bay's pool with some friends! It was so much fun!! I didn't get many pics but that pool is AMAZING! (Sienna called it the "california pool" because there was a pool and beach sand)

Sienna and I also went to Tuacahn in St. George with all the girls in Aaron's family for a late mother's day! We went shopping, to dinner, and then saw the play Annie. It was fun to be with all the girls and Sienna did pretty good during the play!

Grandma & Grandpa ( my parents) were in town a little bit so we hung out a lot and went swimming! They also got the kids some deals on some toys which they absolutely love!!

We went to Utah while Aaron was in Alaska fishing with his brothers and dad!! (I might make him post on that!!) We saw a baby cow born on the LDS Chruch ranch my brothers work on. (Jared delivers cows all day long for the next couple months. It was pretty cool!)

(look closely if you wish and you will see the cow coming out.... haha!)

That's as close as Sienna would get to the baby cow and heffer.(A first time mom cow- now you know in case Sienna calls you that if you are prego. Thanks for teaching her Jared!)

Sienna and Grandma having a tea party!
Best friends just cuddling for no reason!

Here is Sienna on her slip n' slide. Her and Victoria had so much fun once Sienna figured out how to slip on it!

And here are just other pics I wanted to post for when I make my 2009 book!!

I love these two even if they drive me to insanity on a daily basis!

WOW- That was long! So if you are still reading this, that was the month of June pretty much summed up! Busy busy! We love summer!!

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