18 Months Old

Tomorrow my little boy turns 18 months old! NOOO! He is my BABY! Now I know that 18 months is still little but it is the stage where they are more toddler than baby. Austin is my little crazy!! I know you readers don't care but I want to record the things he does so I can remember!

loves playing basketball! Maybe one day he can reach the hoop my dad got!
Crashed after playing too hard with their cousins!
loves "sissy's" helmet!
Loves electronics just like his dad.

*He loves "simming" (swimming) even though he mainly walks around and dips his toe in! Oh well- easier for me to watch him!
*He calls Sienna "sissy" and has to be with her pretty much ALL day. She's luckily a good sport and they are little pals. He likes whatever she likes and they fight a lot because of it! (the joys of sibling fighting has begun...)
*throws his food ALWAYS (any tips on stopping this?? he is REALLY bad and does it with anything I give him or spits it out)
*has started saying lots of words the last month or so
*loves to tattle on daddy or sissy when they hurt him in any way and runs crying to me saying their name so he can get some love
*hits and laughs about it.. we are working on this one!
*loves chocolate and calls M&M's "num nums!" He ALWAYS is asking for them!
*loves any ball, truck or his "cycle"
*looks for "sissy" as soon as he wakes up- it's cute they are such pals
*thinks he is so cool when he puts Sienna's princess helmet on. He loves to wear it (great blackmail later on!)
*loves to dance
*such a mama's boy! I am his absolute favorite person and I hope to be that FOREVER! (even though I know I won't be!) I love hearing "mom" all day long just because he likes to say it!=)

I have just decided the 2nd kid liks whatever the first kid likes and plays with because that is what they see! So I know noone really cares about these things but I want to remember them!!

And what is a post without my little girl?? She is such a fish now and would swim ALL day long if I let her!