Mary is 8!

I can't believe I have an eight year old! Yes, Mary's birthday was back on November 3rd, but her celebrations did span about two weeks, so here are pictures from the varioius special events. Mary on the morning of her actual birthday with some presents - she was so excited to get her own scriptures. That day at school I went to her class and did a special presentation about her, she got Subway for lunch, and breakfast for dinner (her favorite food!)
Brynn, Mary, and Peyton at the family Birthday party - it was to celebrate Mary, Kori, and my birthday, but it was mostly about Mary.
On November 14th Mary had a joint friend party with her friend Sydney(shown here) because their birthdays are so close. We had it at the Primrose Retreat spa - they got a tea party, dress up and walk the runway, and make your own lip gloss. They were in girl heaven - it was so much fun!
All the girls on the end of the runway!
Mary, Sydney, Emily, and Syndey posing on the catwalk!
Mary loved the cute pink chairs and the old fashioned phone - she says she was calling "Troy"(from High School Musical) in this picture!
Mary is a great kid. She is super creative, smart, fun to talk to, and nice to her sisters (most of the time). I couldn't ask for a better first child. We all love Mary so much, and are so glad she is in our family.