I am planning on making my blog a book soon so I decided I better get up to date!  I had so much fun in Utah with all my family a little over a week ago. Some of my adventures were:
* I went to my first BYU football game with Shani where we had great seats and lots of fun! We had to ask Rico & Ashlee what had happened a coupe times! ha!
* My poor Austin got so so sick with a wierd sleeping all the time and high fever bug for about 4 days!  I took him to quick care and found out he had pressure in his ears and he was better soon after! One night I was up for 3 hours with him screaming continually-thought I was going to die!
*I got to shop (more like look around) all my favorite stores with mom and aunt Laurie!
*Got to go to lunch with Melissa and Jennie (missed you Tara!)*My cousin Victoria who is 8 absolutely loves my kids and loves to hang out with them ALL the time giving me a break and Sienna a great friend!  She is great to take to the store because she entertains Sienna!  We also made a gingerbread house together!
*Sienna got all the attention she needs and more from aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas!  She even had a "mini-sleepover" with Jared & Jaylene in the basement to see how she would do- woke up at 4:30 a.m. screaming for me! oh well!
*Aaron flew in and we went to Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum with Shani & Chris! It was a fun family time weeekend!
*Found out I am going to be an aunt to a baby BOY!! (ha and not Jared & Jaylenes- SHANI'S- (She's Sienna's aunt too ok even if we're cousins!) Brighton Christopher is making his debut in April sometime!  YAY!!
*Brooke and Wacey got engaged FINALLY!!=)
*Sienna was introduced to Christmas music and LOVES it- that's my girl!

That's all I can think of now but I love going there and seeing all my family!! Here are some pictures of our trip!

Sienna & Shani

Someone SERIOUSLY needs to send my brother to the show "What NOT to Wear"  The whole family agrees! 
My poor sicky- after i took this picture I kinda freaked thinking he was having a seizure or something!
This is why Sienna LOVES grandma & grandpas!