Again, this is a very late post, and a very long one. Here are pictures from our entire month of October. We went to a fun little Pumpkin Patch in Springville, and then we painted our pumpkins at Grandma Keet's annual "Pumpkin Party!" And of course my darling little squad of BYU cheerleaders! We had a great Halloween!

The entire "squad" pre trick or treating.

My friend and Brynn's kindergarten tech making "witche's brew". I had a great time helping at Brynn's Halloween party.

Brynn at school on Halloween.

Mary before school on Halloween

Lucy before her preschool Halloween party

Lucy and Blake painting their pumpkins - yes Lucy prefers to paint nude.
This is also were Katie announced that their new baby will be a boy - she painted it on a pumpkin. I'm so excited to have another boy around - Kelsey will be "boy trapped" as my girls put it.
Mary painting her pumpkin
Brynn going to town in Grandma's apron!

Lucy and her giant pumpkin at the pumpkin patch

All the girls showing their pumpkins.