Christmas Eve

Every year on Christmas Eve with Aaron's family the kids read the Nativity story and act it out. It is pretty funny! After the Nativity the kids get to open their present from the cousins. Austin was sleeping the whole time but like he has a clue what is going on anyways!

Sienna waiting for everyone to get their gift...

Getting a new Snow White dress up outfit!

She didn't take it off for the rest of the day! Shoes and all! Someone stopped by and asked her if she was Sienna and she said "No, I am Snow White!" ha!

Papa Bruce with Statlen & Ainsley
Austin loved his new basketball hoop when he woke up!
Sienna helping him open his first gift

Austin & Statlen

I have been slow at finishing Christmas up on here but things have been crazy! All the Christmas is down (sad!) and my kids got sick with the flu on the way home which I then caught! After that, we have just been playing and relaxing with friends and family! It has been a great holiday and we got a lot done around our house but I am ready for some normality again!