So last week my mom called and said "Don't you want to come see us?" Well I thought about it and decided to go the next morning up to good old Springville, UT! (I really would move there in a second if it were possible!) Aaron really didn't want us to leave him, but I told him it would be quick and I could see Jeremy wrestle and Sienna can play in the snow! I won't have another chance to go up there for quite awhile so off we went! I drove with my two kids BY MYSELF for 6 hours! I am insane, I know! The DVD players Aaron got me for Christmas worked MIRACLES and there was minimal fussing! We even got to stop by real quick and see Granny LaRayne at school! It was great to see my family and see Jeremy wrestling. That sport still grosses me out but oh well!

The kids with Grandma & Grandpa Callister at the wrestling match.

Sienna peed in her pants while taking a nap and I didn't have extra pants for her, so we had to stop by a K-Mart and get her a new outfit before Jeremy's wrestling match! A couple days later we were going shopping up in Salt Lake and she puked all over the place right as we got there! Luckily I had an outfit for her, but it got all over my car, carseat etc..! Afterwards she insisted we go into Tai Pan because she wasn't sick anymore. The love of shopping is in her genes! After her puking all over in IKEA too we decided we better just head home. The joys of motherhood!!

Jeremy- the wrestling champ! He just LOVES when I take his picture!

Funny story- I am such a LAS VEGAN! So I took Sienna out to make a snowman and I could NOT get the snow to go into a ball like a snowman. It would just pile up and fall looking more like a volcano! Well Shani informed me later you have to make a snowball and ROLL the snow! who knew?? I guess I have always had someone besides myself roll the balls up! I really am retarded at times but I AM from Las Vegas where we don't really make snowmen! Here is Sienna with Baby Office (she named this doll that and took it everywhere calling it that!) and our volcano that I gave up on!

Sienna helping Papa shovel the snow- there was SO much everywhere!

This was her face walking in the snow. She didn't like how her feet sunk-haha! It still makes me laugh.

Aaron decided to come up the next weekend with my dad, so we had a little early birthday party for Austin so my parents could be there! We had lots of cousins and family show up! Thanks again to everyone who came!

Two of the coolest grandparents I know! =)

My little birthday boy- we love you!
Other highlights for my memory- (you really don't have to read all this but I am writing it down because this is my record keeping!)
* My aunt got a babysitter for me and we had a girls day! We went and saw Bride Wars ( so cute!) and went to lunch!
* My parents watched the kids another night so Aaron and I could go out with Andrew and Julie to dinner and Marley & Me (such a cute show!)
*Austin got 2 teeth with another one on the way! NOT such fun nights!
*My mom woke up with Austin pretty much every morning and I got to sleep in- pure heaven in itself!
Thanks mom and dad for letting us come stay and for being the best parents a girl could ask for!