Christmas through the years

Austin's 1st Christmas! He had no clue what was going on but it was still fun! He got a fun activity table, clothes, boy toys and Papa Bruce built him a much needed toy box! My parents got him a stuffed rocking horse for his room!

Sienna was so fun this year! She would not go to sleep Christmas Eve because she thought you got to meet Santa on christmas night. She woke up so mad that she had missed him! She got a bike but kept telling me she wanted a "cinderella one." Well those were too big for her so we improvised with Cinderella stickers-it worked! She got tons of toys from us and then Papa Bruce and Granny got her a princess castle and grandma Karen and Papa Paul got her a table from IKEA with the chairs.

2007 in Las Vegas
Sienna's first Christmas in Beaver, UT