Just An Update

Another long day of Sienna with no nap and screaming bloody murder. I put her in her room with her blanket and she was asleep in about 30 seconds...ahh peace and quiet. Even if it is 5 pm, there was no way I could handle her tantrums much longer. I guess she will be up with me until I go to bed but oh well! I had to take a picture of her sweet little bratty face! =) haha-

It's a good thing she's so dang cute!! Even when she picks out her own jammies in size 12 months and dresses herself!

As for Austin, he is just the best baby on earth. I can just lay him in his crib without even a binky in and he just crashes and is so calm even compared to Sienna at the same age. He is now 8 months and gets around pretty well. He is not completely crawling but he gets a few crawls in and then falls. He LOVES food still and loves to make the dorkiest faces. He gets about 100 kisses a day atleast.

Like I said- dorky face and loving his cheeto!

As all moms can relate- I love these two more than anything in the world! I can;t imagine life without my crazy lady and Austin man!