My Little Lady

I just wanted to document some funny stories about Sienna so feel free to read on only if you would like! One day I will forget it if I don't write it now!

A couple mornings ago Sienna was downstairs while I was getting Austin bathed and down for his morning nap. I just kept saying "Sienna, what are you doing? Get up here!" To which I would get the response "I can't! I am eating some ice cream!" I had no idea what she was talking about and continued on with cleaning up etc.. After a while I go downstairs and find her looking like this. Aaron and I had gone to TCBY the night before and I had left mine in the freezer. It was pretty full too! She had gotten it out and finished it off! What a healthy breakfast! Her eggs sat on the table untouched. Oh well! I just love this little girl.

Sienna always plays in the DVDS and puts them on or takes them all out of the cases. (Drives me crazy when there all over my floor every day!) ANYWAYS- this particular morning she said to me "Mom, I need to work out!" I look over and she has turned on a work out video and is on the ground attempting to do crunches with her legs in the air like the lady on the video. I was laughing so hard. I needed a video camera but we need a new tape! Oh she just makes me laugh each and every day. After her attempted workout she said "Now I am all sweaty mom!" Whatever you say my crazy....

Sienna also likes to talk to Aaron on the phone when I am done talking to him and repeat back everything I just asked him or told him. It can be quite comical at times and I am sure Aaron LOVES to hear it twice.

Last night while I was making dinner Sienna was yacking away to me. (I have no idea where she gets that-ha!) Austin started screaming about something and she gets in his face and says "Austin, you don't yell when mommy and me are talking!" I am just glad she understands what Aaron always says when we are talking to each other. Now if she would just follow the rule herself!

Sienna just being Sienna!