Kelsey is 9 months old...Today!

Rub your eyes again, they are not deceiving you...I am actually updating my blog. Today is this little sweetie's 9 Month Birthday!! I can't believe she is already that old. She is kind of high maintenance, but she is very sweet, very cute, and we would not trade her for anything...even a baby who actually sleeps. We LOVE our little bubbles!!

Isn't she so cute? This picture was taken by my friend Angie Clayson when she was six months old, but she really doesn't look much different, except she's gotten a little more hair. Everyone loves her red hair, and we constantly get asked "Where did that red hair come from?" Kelsey is a great eater! She started out my biggest baby and had kept the title! She has figured out her "pincer" and loves to eat dry cereal, crackers etc. She also loves all of her baby food.

Like I said she is a great eater, and although she looks bigger than Lucy in this picture, she isn't...yet.
I had to capture the rare moment of her sleeping, because she just looked SO sweet!
Kelsey has learned to crawl, and is constantly finding fun things around the house that aren't actual "toys", and if it is smaller that her hand it is immediately in her mouth!