Pure Bliss....

A man after my own heart....

Before I had Sienna I liked pop but didn't have to have it- well after two kids it is my favorite! One of my favorite drinks is Diet Coke and especially Diet Coke from Sonic with VANILLA in it.
Austin (and Sienna) have the same problem and want a drink when they see a cup with a straw in it. (I am talking throw a tantrum and scream if they don't get even a sip-drives me CRAZY!!)

What can I say- they come from a long line of pop addicts.(for instance- both grandmas??)
When you ask Sienna what she wants to drink you get the response "diet." I used to be able to trick her but now she KNOWS when it is not her diet!
OK So call me a bad mom- i know! It's not like they get it ALL the time but I just couldn't pass up Austin's excitement when he got a hold of my cup!

In other news, we put Austin's hair in a little mohawk tonight. It just fits his little crazy personality. He is such a boy and I love every thing about my little munchkin!! Every time I get the camera out now he makes his dorky face like above and says "cheeeeeeeeeeese." It just makes me laugh! I love watching him and Sienna play together. Sienna was much busier than Austin BUT I think a lot of it is that he has Sienna to play with, and we have so many more toys than we had for Sienna. We recently got a pad of concrete put in our backyard and those two are out there ALL day long most days in the playhouse or sandbox.

Sienna has had a flu for about a week, but I think she is FINALLY over it. She went with Aaron to the Daddy Daughter and loved every minute of it! That is until she woke up in the morning and threw up! We thought she was better but I guess not.
That girl has some crazy stomach issues. None of us got it so I don't know WHAT it was but she throws up WAY too much for how old she is. Poor thing gets the flu every couple months and it lasts for DAYS!!

Anyways I just wanted to write a little update/ story for my own memory sake!