July 24th - Fiesta Days!

Spanish Fork's big holiday is Pioneer Day - July 24th! We had a great time at the Carnival and the Parade. We had a BBQ at Kris and Katie's that night, and the kids had a great time on the trampoline with the sprinkler... here are some cute pics!
All the kids at the parade - the loved the "princesses" and of course - the candy!
The carousel is the only ride Lucy would go on...and she was still nervous!

Peyton and Mary on the roller coster

Brynn, Mary, Marlee, Peyton and Me on the "scary" ride - hey it did make your stomach drop! I was proud of Brynn and Peyton for going on it. Peyton got a little scared, but she was a trooper. Brynn said it made her stomach feel "a little sick".
Brynn and Marlee on the Roller Coster

All the cousins on the trampoline