My Poor Sickies and other Randoms..

So this week has been just a hang around the house and do pretty much nothing! We all have been having some major allergy/cold issues! It's been good that I haven't felt so hot myself, because it has forced me to sit at home and relax. (If you can call relaxing hanging out with two little ones at home!) It still didn't stop me from having TWO girls nights this week! (thanks girls, they were SO nice and fun!) And thanks to my wonderful husband who let me go and watch the kids even though he has a MILLION things going on!

Austin woke up this morning and was just crying and crying which is not like him at all, so I took him in to the doctor! Well Austin has had lung issues since he was about 6 weeks old and does breathing treatments twice a day as it is. His allergies have turned his coughing and snotty nose to drain into a earache and sinus infection! (Not contagious for those we have seen this week- he just has weak lungs which turn it bad FAST!) SO we have just hung out this week at home doing a lot of this

Playing lots and lots of dress up.....

Austin refuses to sit in his highchair lately when Sienna is around because he wants to be BIG like her and sit at the table.

Austin loves to climb on the back of Sienna's bike and she rides him ALL around. It is great for all of us! Keeps all of us happy and not screaming at each other! =)
My little Austin is getting SO big and it makes me want to cry. (NOT have another baby though to all you wondering!) He is starting to say a few words (his fav being ball and car and he is obsessed with both! SUCH a boy!) and earlier today kept taking his dinosaur and growling at me with it! He loves to climb on EVERYTHING and constantly has a red mark on his head from his latest crash. He loves to brush his hair (as if he has any-poor thing) and teeth and loves to use his own spoon and fork making a huge MESS!! I just love the stage he is where he is discovering the world around him but can't wait until he is a LITTLE older and can keep up with his sister because he sure wants to! I just love my little family and wouldn't want my life any other way!! Here are some pics from the last month or so..

My happy baby who is such a sweetheart and not near the drama his sister always is!!
Austin has to be in this car ALL the time. "CAA, CAA, CAA-(car) we hear all day long!
He loves to pretend blow into this party streamer.
One of his first many boo boos...
I wonder how he gets those boos boos...

I still have to laugh at the lady I got into the mama! hahaha...remind me to be nice tomorrow ok?