Christmas 2009

So I know I am WAY late with this post but better late than never, right? Things have been a little crazy around here to say it mildly! My cousin Brittany moved in with us at the beginning of the year, Aaron is NEVER home, my kids have had to adjust to sharing a room , I have had to adjust to A LOT of things, and i just have had NO desire to blog! My free time is spent sitting on the couch exhausted! I better get caught up so I can not have any gaps in my book! For Christmas this year we headed up to my parents house in Springville, UT. My kids loved the snow and it was a nice change for it to actually feel like Christmas! We stayed up there for a whole week and did lots of FUN things as a family! Santa helped Sienna's grandpa Bruce build her a barbie house for Christmas. Due to the size of it he delivered it the night before we left! =)

She loves it and plays with it ALL the time! I think it is so special her grandpa built it for her.


We hung out with my dad's side of the family. We had lunch at Tucano's. (DELICIOUS!)and then headed over to my grandma & grandpa Callister's new house in Mapleton. They had a program which they do every year and Sienna sang for the whole family. (close to 30 people I would say) We had to finally pull her off that microphone after 3 songs. haha- I don't know where she gets her performing abiulities!;D I have a feeling she is going to be like her cousins on the Albright side! Watch out signature productions!

My kids LOVE these girls!

Grandpa was sure entertained during the program..haha!


WAY too spoiled!!

When grandma & grandpa get you a bike on Christmas , it is too cold to go outside so you ride it inside...=)
My mom and I took Sienna to her FIRST movie in the theatre. Alvin & the Chipmunks. She did pretty good!

Once it heated up a bit (to a whole 20 degrees) they went out to ride! My kids had serious whining issues over "snow clothes" but they got over it!
Overall Christmas was a success and really fun to spend time as a family! Onto the next post when I get some more energy!